About the Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship


Start-ups have a deep impact on economic life and society. They play a central role in economies' ability to compete as well as their constant revitalization. However, economic and management studies for some time paid little or no attention to the particularities and meaning of companies in the first phase of their establishment. This changed only a few years ago. The topic of "entrepreneurship" is enjoying increasing public, political, and scientific attention. Start-ups as a driving force of modern economic systems are taking a larger and larger place in the spotlight.

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The Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship was established to address this development. The topics of setting up a business, innovation, growth, and entrepreneurship comprise the focus of a practically-oriented chair. The funding institutions are the Oldenburg Employers' Association, e.V.; NORDMETALL - Verband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie e.V; the Oldenburg Economic Association "Der Kleine Kreis e.V."; as well as the Oldenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

The chair is a formal institution of the University of Oldenburg's Faculty II. But its realm of activity, along with its course offering, specifically includes all faculties at the University of Oldenburg, as well as all majors and faculties at the University of Applied Sciences in Oldenburg/Ostfriesland/Wilhelmshaven. In addition to students, the chair aims to attract academic professionals and alumni with its program.

The chair's activities concentrate on the knowledge- and technology-based new ventures that display a high potential for growth. Supported particularly by regional companies, the chair's networking and perspectives are nevertheless internationally-focused.


The Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship has the following objectives:

  • Development of an entrepreneurial spirit at the regional universities and to increase an amount of innovation- and growth-oriented new ventures in the Northwest German region.
  • Serving as an interface between small and medium-sized businesses and regional universities.
  • Consolidation of existing support measures for entrepreneurs in the Entrepreneurship Network Northwest.
  • Establishing itself as a national and internationally well-recognized scientific institution.

What We Do

The chair supports individuals and teams looking to start a business in the pre-start up, start up, market, or growth phase of their business. A variety of supporting measures is offered such as know-how on starting a business, financing, coaching, or bringing together partners to and from the Entrepreneurship Network.

Furthermore, a close contact is sought with family businesses from the region. Topics like succession, innovation management, and the strategic re-orientation of small and medium-sized companies are also a part of the chair's activity spectrum.


Multidisciplinary teaching is of central meaning for the Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship. The objective of creating an entrepreneurial spirit at regional universities is in very close proximity to its teaching activities. Course content includes business planning, selection of the kind of company aimed for, success potential of new companies, competitor analysis, industry structure analysis, the management of tangible and intangible resources, "intrapreneurship" (this means business dealings within established organizations), or how to accomplish phases of rapid growth. The particular features of entrepreneurship (such as the rule-breaking character of entrepreneurial activity) also demand a particularly didactic approach. This includes (among other things) the possibility for students to pursue their own initiatives, an emphasis on critical faculties, and a strong real-world orientation based upon scientific findings. Practical orientation is additionally ensured through the involvement of entrepreneurs in courses, case study work, work on own start up concepts, and business co-operations.


The chair's research is oriented towards the international scientific community and integrates applicable findings from functional-oriented related disciplines. This includes strategic management, organization theory, or finance. It is worked both conceptually as well as empirically.

Involvement with management theory is not an end in itself. It should also deliver a differentiated picture of a company, and with this, make a contribution that corresponds to the complexity of the topic


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