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Innovation Management and Sustainability

New Article: How the interplay between innovation ecosystems and market contingency factors impacts startup innovation

Article from Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter in "Technology in Society"

The article provides new insights in the field of innovation ecosystems by analyzing the interplay between the factors of market contingency (pace of technological change, unpredictability of demand and profitability of the market) and participation in innovation ecosystems in relation to the technological and business model innovativeness of start-ups.

The article was published in the international journal "Technology in Society".

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New article: Mission Future: Adlershof as "World Leader in Impact Innovation”

Essay by Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter in the Adlershof Journal

The idea of a stronger orientation of the Adlershof Science and Technology Park towards the major challenges of the future has been further specified in recent years. Adlershof and Berlin can become a "World Leader in Impact Innovation" in the future, but this requires even more courage and willingness to break new ground.

In the September/October 2023 issue of the Adlershof Journal, Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter reports in his essay on the topic Mission Future: Adlershof as a "World Leader in Impact Innovation" about the new "Next Level Innovation" of Adlershof and how important identity and innovative strength are for solving the Grand Challenges.

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Resilience Creates Added Value - A Practical Guide

Practical handout published as part of the DBU-funded project "Resilience as an opportunity for sustainable corporate action

The idea of resilience as a service for others ("Resilience-as-a-Service") stimulates new perspectives, opens up entrepreneurial opportunities and creates added value for society. This practical guide is therefore entitled "Resilience as added value".

It is aimed at companies, startups, business associations and funding agencies that want to know what resilience "can do" beyond risk management. This guide introduces the concept of opportunity-oriented resilience and explains how the opportunity perspective can be successfully used for sustainable corporate action, based on company examples and four key corporate task areas (strategic management, sustainability management, innovation management and business model development). In this context, resilience is understood as a fourth sustainability principle that complements the principles of efficiency, consistency and sufficiency.

The guide was developed as part of the DBU-funded PIN project "Resilience as an opportunity for sustainable corporate action", which addresses the question of how products and services can be developed and offered that increase the resilience and sustainability of customers and their organizations, thereby creating sustainable added value.

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Further information on the project „Resilience as an opportunity for sustainable corporate action.”

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