Climate Clearinghouse Solutions

Climate Clearinghouse Solutions

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This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


In the Climate Clearinghouse Solutions project, possibilities for setting up a company with the aim of effectively offsetting greenhouse gas emissions are to be examined. Up to now, medium-sized companies and private individuals have faced the problem of insufficient options and resources for sustainable action and thus for reducing the emission of climate-damaging gases.

Many companies and private individuals have already recognised that, in view of the accelerating climate change, measures to reduce emissions must be taken today that also include their own activities. However, since this cannot always be achieved in one's own environment or in one's own company, offset projects are an option to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions from production or consumption.

Since direct access to corresponding offset projects is complex for small and medium-sized enterprises and private individuals, and since the effort required to initiate own projects usually leads to inefficiencies, it seems reasonable to establish a Climate Clearinghouse as an intermediary between greenhouse gas emitters and offset projects. The structure proposed and to be examined in the project is shown in the following figure (in german).


By providing customer-oriented applications and components for booking and billing systems, effective greenhouse gas compensation can be made available to the broad mass of the economy and population in the future. The service catalogue of a Climate Clearing House is geared to the needs of the issuer. By involving cooperation partners, the aim is to offer private individuals at the point of sale opportunities for greenhouse gas compensation. Companies are addressed through individual compensation offers and projects.

The Climate Clearinghouse Solutions project also aims to open up and develop certified regional compensation projects to ensure ecological sustainability.

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