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Mission Statement:

Realisation of a businessplan for the founder region North-West

The North-Western of Lower Saxony is since a short amount of time already very active in the sponsorship of founders. There are numerous offers for founders from different organisations and institutions. However, so far these multiple activities have been fragmented and have not been aligned harmonically, so that promising synergies were impeded. This is supposed to be changed throug the EXIST III project „Realisation of a businessplan for the founder region North-West“ of the University of Oldenburg, the college of higher education in Vechta as well as the university of applied sciences Oldenburg/ Ostfriesland/ Wilhelmshaven. Therefore, the main goals of this project are:

1. to benefit from existing knowledge (national and international knowledge),

2. to make this knowledge more efficient, and

3. to overcome fragmentation through grouping.

Based on the experiences gained by own projects, other EXIST-regions, as well as the (national and international) founder research, the actors of this region will develop and realize a business plan for the founder region North-West within three years. This way, already existing and fragmented offers of the North-Western region are supposed to be integrated and still missing offers are supposed to be supplemented and strategically combined under a regional common perspective. By doing so, founder sponsorship is being crucially and qualitatively increased, the founder climate effectively improved through the conjoint, the most possible synergies of the region are generated as well as the founders and investors are being drawn into the North-Western region of Lower Saxony. The colleges of higher education this way accomplish also an important contribution for the economic attractiveness of the region.

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