Marine Sensor Systems



Prof. Dr. Oliver Zielinski

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Marine Sensor Systems

Marine Sensor Systems

Marine Sensor Systems

Research focus

The environmental conditions in the sea change constantly both in the short- and long-term. In order to detect these processes, the research group Marine Sensor Systems explores and develops innovative methods and sensors that can be operated on-site at sea. The scientists identify key variables of coastal regions and shelf seas and integrate them into observation systems. One focus is on measuring methods based on optical and acoustic principles.

Thematic focus/ key issues

  • Multispectral sensors for biogeochemical parameters and marine pollutants
  • Autonomous long-term sensor and observation systems
  • Methods for quality assurance of time series data
  • In situ imaging for detecting spatiotemporal distribution patterns of plankton and particles
  • Description and quantification of biogeochemical and hydrodynamic exchange processes


Sensing is believing - Marine optical tools onboard autonomous platforms : Prof. Dr. Oliver Zielinski as guest speaker at the digital Chemical Congress Panama on March 04, 2021

Published in June 2020 : Wietkamp, S; Krock, B; Clarke, D; Voß, D; Salas; R; Kilcoyne, J; et al. (2020) Distribution and abundance of azaspiracid-producing dinophyte species and their toxinsin North Atlantic and North Sea waters in summer 2018. PLoS ONE 15(6): e0235015. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0235015

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