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Stud.IP (for students)

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Stud.IP (for students)

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The ZSKB team

Head of section

Assistant head of section

Nina Schulze

A07 1-105

Student counselling

Uwe Bunjes

A07 1-122

Christa Funke

A07 1-120

Nina Schulze

A07 1-105

Sylvia Wagenaar

A07 1-121

Coordination of school-university transition programmes

Nadine Brandt

A07 1-107

Miriam Savoca

A07 1-109

Doctoral candidate counselling

Simone Brühl

A07 1-111

Career counselling

Solveig Elias

A07 1-115

Project Integra

N. N.

Project participate@UOL

Tim Lüdeke

A07 1-113

Learning Workshops of the ZSKB

Anke Görres

Johanna Imm

A07 1-112

Event management

Lena Buchholz

A07 1-118

C. Eilers

A07 1-118

Trixi Flensburg

A07 1-118

Student assistant

Hannah Bohrer

A07 1-116

Currently not on duty

(Changed: 28 Nov 2022)