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The Study and Career Counselling Service (ZSKB) team

Head of section

Study and Career Counselling Service

Stephanie Kessens

A12 3-315a

Contact persons

Student counselling, "Hochschulinformationstag" - Information on studying at the University of Oldenburg, "Schnupperstudium" - experience university courses first hand

Uwe Bunjes

A12 3-306

Student counselling, training for tutors

Christa Funke

A12 3-301

Student counselling

Nina Schulze

A12 3-308

Student counselling, PLAR-BCBQ

Conny Ladenthin

A12 3-309

Doctoral candidate counselling

Dr. Sarah Paschelke

A12 3-309

Career counselling

Yvonne Wisianowsky

A12 3-315

Learning Workshops of the ZSKB

Anke Görres

A12 3-316

Dr. Maxi Berger

Event management

Event management: Career Day, orientation week, "Hochschulinformationstag" - Information on studying at the University of Oldenburg

Trixi Flensburg

A12 3-317

Student assistants

Hannah Bohrer

Currently not on duty

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