Award of credit

General Recommendation for the Award of Credit

The general recommendations for the award of credit that are published on this webpage address institutions of higher education offering Bachelor and Master degree programmes in accordance with the European Higher Education Area framework, thus the majority of degree programmes in the so-called „Bologna-Area“.

The purpose of these recommendations for the award of credit is to offer institutions of higher education nonpartisan, certified information on the learning outcomes, the workload (credit points) and the academic level of learning units of non-university education programmes. This information can facilitate and simplify the award of credit of such learning outcomes.

The recommendations for the award of credit are jointly published by the projects concerned with award of credit and the Wolfgang Schulenberg Institut für Bildungsforschung und Erwachsenenbildung (Wolfgang Schulenberg Institute for Educational Research and Adult Education) (ibe). The Schulenberg Institute kindly requests higher education institutions and programme coordinators to consider the information given in the recommendations when making decisions on award of credit, and to grant graduates of assessed advanced training programmes an appropriate award of credit of their learning outcomes.

General recommendations for award of credit are based on systematical equivalence checks with higher education degree programmes. They are intended to offer the persons in charge at higher education institutions and state authorities in education a reliable and quality-assured basis for the implementation of possibilities of award of credit.

In order to implement possibilities of blanket accreditation on the basis of a general recommendation of award of credit, you can find a step-by-step manual for persons in charge of award of credit in higher education institutions below.

No. Advanced training programme to be awarded with credit Organising body (of the offer) Access

European Manager for Foreign Trade Export/Import

LEB-Ländliche Erwachsenenbildung in Niedersachsen e.V., Bildungsstätte Bad Zwischenahn/ Oldenburg




JOSEF - Joint Strategy and Technology Education Facility

Fraunhofer Academy / GIZ





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