„Land of Confusion”


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„Land of Confusion”

Structurally dependent plants – „Land of Confusion”

Numerous plants use trees as structural support. Depending on the site of germination, growth and reproduction one can distinguish parasitic mistletoes, and the non-parasitic groups of climbing lianas and vines, nomadic vines, hemiepiphytes and epiphytes. The latter can be further subdivided into ‘true epiphytes’, or ‘holoepiphytes’, ‘facultative epiphytes’ and ‘accidental epiphytes’. Clearly, such a classification easily obscures the often gradual nature of differences and the presence of intermediates. Further confusion arises from the very inconsistent use of the terms in the literature. With detailed analyses of the literature on the one hand, and longer-term field studies we are trying to match the biology of these plants with appropriate terminology.

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