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A complete list of lectures, lab classes and seminars is available here.



Possible topics of BSc and MSc theses

BSc and MSc theses are possible in the context of ongoing PhD thesis projects, but also on a suite of other topics. If you are interested in joining our group the best approach is to contact us (gerhard.zotz@uol.de) and to discuss options. The earlier the better, because projects may need quite a bit of preparation or maybe bound to particular seasons.

Here are a few examples of current possibilities:

1)     Look up – Accidental epiphytes in city trees in Oldenburg

2)    Roots as photosynthesis organs –orchids as a prime example

3)    Diaspores – the use of a 3 D printer to produce and analyse different models

4)    Vertical wind profiles in our forests – consequences for the dispersal of spores and seeds

5)    Morphological, structure and functions of epiphyte roots - microscopy methods 

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