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Multimedia Centre (Mediathek)

Phone:0441 - 798 3194

Location of the collection

The collection is housed in the Multimedia Centre (Mediathek) on the mezzanine between the 3rd and 4th floor of the Central Library. The Multimedia Centre is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Multimedia Centre: AV materials

Multimedia Centre: AV materials

Contents of the collection

The audiovisual media collection comprises audiovisual materials, audio materials, CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs, multimedia combinations, test- and working materials, and slide series.

The collection represents the entire spectrum of disciplines at the University. Of the types of materials listed, the emphasis is on:

1. Audiovisual materials

Television recordings, feature films, documentaries/documentary films.

2. Films

The DEFA collection, teaching films, holdings from the former Stadtbildstelle Oldenburg.

3. Audio materials

CDs/records, (classical music, popular music, KIBUM children's book fair collection).

Audio documents/audio cassettes (radio recordings, holdings from the KIBUM children's book fair, shellac records).


Educational and games software for children and young people. CD-ROMS/DVD-ROMs issued with magazines and looseleaf editions, full-text editions of reference works.

5. Multimedia combinations

Textbooks/school books featuring AV media

 6. Test- and working material, teaching kits

Educational material for primary and secondary schools (history, art, religion, languages).

7. Slide series

Materials for geography, history, art, religion and holdings from the former Stadtbildstelle Oldenburg.

Borrowing terms

Resources may be borrowed for 14 days (and renewed up to 6 times). Records may not be borrowed.

Television recordings may only be borrowed by Oldenburg University members. (Members are: students, teaching staff and employees of Oldenburg University).

Audio and video carrels are available for on-site use.

Films (8mm, 35mm) and slides can be projected.

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