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Library and Information System
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BIS - Library and Information System
Administration Office
Room B 2-209

Using the Library Auditorium

Using the Library Auditorium

For University events a limited availability of the Library Auditorium is currently in place.

Regulations for the Use of the Library Auditorium

  • Every event must be individually authoirized by the university's Presidential Board
  • Only lectures are permitted
  • A maximum of 45 persons is allowed into the auditorium
  • The fixed placement of chairs must not be changed
  • Social distancing (1.5 m) must be ensured
  • It is mandatory to wear a medical face mask during the entire stay in the auditorium
  • Entrance and exit must be separate and a hygiene station must be in place
  • Catering services are not permitted
  • To follow up on possible infection chains it is necessary to record the attendants personal data (full name, address, phone number) and the date of the event. The data must be kept for four weeks and be released to an authorized agency upon request. After the four weeks, the data must be destroyed.

Should Covid case numbers rise again and stricter regulations apply, the BIS retains the right to cancel events.

Reserving the Library Auditorium

  1. Inquire at the BIS administrative office, whether the auditorium is available at the desired date. A preliminary reservation is made.
  2. Authorization of the event by the Presidential Board (VP-V Stahlmann) und notification of the BIS administrative office.
  3. Submission of the completed reservation form to the adminstrative office.
  4. Binding reservation of the Library Auditorium and confirmation by the administrative office.
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