Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Ronald Geluykens

Administrative Staff

Rita Bartels
Kurt-Simon Eggert
Heike Hillmer
Stefanie Lefherz (currently out of office)

Keti Antadze-Tamminga (EMMIR)
Martina Henschel-Roth (EMMIR)

Please contact the individual administrative staff.

+49 (0)441 798 3771

office hours: Mon & Wed, 10:00 – 12:00 & 2:00 - 3:00


Building A6 2nd floor 216-217

Student Council:

Building A6 Ground floor 017

+49 441 798-4453



The courses offered by the English and American Studies Department for the winter and summer semesters are published in the summer semester every year. Course descriptions are given separately online for each individual course.

For internal access (via a Stud.IP login), you can view the courses sorted by degree programme via the Veranstaltungsverzeichnis, or as part of the Einrichtungsverzeichnis. Alternatively, if you look for Meine Einrichtungen or Einrichtung - Institut für Anglistik/Amerikanistik while logged into Stud.IP, the course descriptions can then be further sorted according to Semester / Bereich / DozentIn / Typ.

Course registration is via Stud.IP and usually starts around four weeks before the beginning of the lecture period. The latest information about enrolling in courses can be found under News.

Places in courses are assigned via a lottery ("Losverfahren") for each module after students have indicated their preferences. After these places have been distributed via Stud.IP, the registration for any courses with further capacity continues on a chronological basis.

If you have restrictions on your availability and can only take courses in specific timeslots, look at the "Härtefall" box below for further information.

Information on the curricula in the different degree programmes is available here, and advice about how to structure your studies (ie. which modules to take when) can be found here.

(For external access to the descriptions, see the "Course Links" tab on the right. The courses on the public university pages are sorted by degree programme.)

"Härtefalle": regulations for course enrollment

Students who have restrictions on their availability and can only take courses at specific times may be able to apply for special consideration when choosing their classes. This regulation applies to students in the following situations:

  • with caring responsibilities for a child under the age of fourteen or another family member requiring extensive support.
  • with a disability or chronic medical condition
  • completing a degree programme in cooperation with the University of Bremen requiring attendance at both locations

Students studying 90KP in the BA programme or the MA degree may be able to apply to take additional modules this way. This also applies to students in their final semester (where degree completion would otherwise be delayed) and exchange and visiting students; however, no particular course timeslots can be guaranteed in this case.

Please note that a part-time job or a long commute is NOT grounds for special consideration!

Applications for special consideration should be directed to the in the first instance. You will generally be asked to attend an office hour and must provide appropriate documentation for your situation.

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