Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Martin Butler

Administrative Staff

Rita Bartels
Kurt-Simon Eggert
Heike Hillmer

Stefanie Lefherz (abgeordnet zum Personalrat)

Keti Antadze-Tamminga (EMMIR)
Martina Henschel-Roth (EMMIR)

Please contact the individual administrative staff.

+49 (0)441 798 3771

office hours: Mon & Wed, 10:00 – 12:00 & 2:00 - 3:00


Building A6 2nd floor 216-217

Student Council:

Building A6 Ground floor 017

+49 441 798-4453

Information for Visiting International Students

General Information for Visiting Students

Welcome to the English and American Studies Department of the University of Oldenburg. Whether you are here for a short stay, a semester, a year or even longer, we hope you will enjoy your time with us!


Help and Advice

Please take advantage of the tutors at the International Office if you require assistance with day-to-day life and university administration in Oldenburg while studying with us - the English department is not able to offer any pastoral support!

If you would like meet other Oldenburg students and also get a helping hand as you settle in, then contact the ISO about their buddy programme!



Choosing Courses

For questions about individual English courses, please consult the . (We cannot give advice about courses in other departments!) An overview of courses offered in English can be found here. Please contact us in good time if you need to take particular courses to meet requirements at your home university!

General information about enrolling for our classes can be found here. You will require access to Stud.IP to sign up for any of them. If you do not yet have an account with a login, then you will need to e-mail the lecturer or module coordinator responsible for the course you are interested in.

A list of available BA courses is here; MA/MEd courses are here. (NOTE: both links are only valid OUTSIDE Stud.IP.) At this stage some of the module descriptions are only available in German; the course descriptions themselves are usually in English.

Erasmus students requiring signatures for Learning Agreements should consult the department's Erasmus coordinator; however, questions about specific courses need to go to the as mentioned above!

Note: Advanced BA and MA/MEd students may also be interested in the European Studies in Global Perspectives (EuGl) programme as an opportunity for organising and getting credit for your Oldenburg courses. See the website for further information.

For more information about social life in the department and tips about studying English, please contact the student representatives.


Further notes:

* Remember that all the courses offered in the department are designed for students majoring in English - if you choose a course simply because it is taught in English you may struggle if you do not have (or are not at least willing to acquire) the necessary prior knowledge. All of our courses require an advanced level of English (at least C1 on the CEF) - for general English language courses at lower levels, please contact the Language Centre. Language Centre.

*Courses offered by the departmental language practice staff such as Written and Spoken English are in fact advanced language courses, and are not generally suitable for native English speakers!

*If your chosen course only needs to be graded pass/fail or there are other specific requirements for your 'home' university, please let your Oldenburg lecturer know early in the semester! Your semester abroad is not a holiday - you will need to be prepared for class and complete standard course requirements along with the rest of the students.

*We will do our best to find appropriate courses for you, but please be aware that there may not be place available in classes on certain topics or at certain times, or we may not have an exact equivalent to a required class at your home university. You will need to be flexible with this.

*It is your responsibility to get the necessary paperwork from the ISO to your lecturer so that your transcript of records can be prepared promptly at the end of the semester.

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