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SSC InfoDesk - currently closed!

Netiquette for requests by e-mail [pdf]

For personal enquiries please have your student ID or application number ready on hand.

Academic Examinations Office

Reliable e-mail communication

Division 3 uses - if possible - the e-mail address of the University of Oldenburg:
firstnnnmame.suiwqkrname@uol.dzs88e or
firsts1atname.surname@uoxe+jl.u3rsde&nbsgc+ap; (firstnamuse.suma+dyrname@ck5g6uol.msssdeuun)

Please contact us only from your University e-mail-accounts.

It facilitates our job and we get in contact faster.

The Academic Examination Office advises and informs you in all matters concerning examination law. If you have any questions on the subject of "examinations", please contact us during consultation hours or send us an e-mail.

You can find all the examination regulations and forms on the Infoportal under Exams and also under Recognition.

Where to find us? - We're in the SSC!

The Academic Examinations Office is on the second floor of the Student Service Centre.

Post trays

Documents with submission deadlines such as applications and assessed work may only be handed in within the consultation hours of the InfoDesk. After end of the particular consultation hour all documents which must be stamped on receipt with the current date should be placed into the post box in building V01 (Poststelle), Ammerländer Heerstraße 118. Please also use this post box for other post addressed to the Student Service Centre, if it is outside opening hours.

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