Exchange coordination, Summer Course

Christine Trappe


Advisor for international exchange students (during their stay in Oldenburg)

Christine Trappe


Office hours

Availability by phone
Mondays: 9 -12 a.m. and 14-15.30 p.m. 
Thursdays: 14 p.m.-15.30 p.m.

Online office hours
Tuesdays: 9.30 a.m.–10.30 a.m. in our virtual meeting room (BigBlueButton)

Office hours in presence
Tuesdays: 14.00 p.m.-16.30 p.m. (SSC)
Thursdays: 10.00 a.m.-12.30 p.m. (SSC)

Our team of tutors offers help and support with all general questions and about life in Oldenburg. The tutor team can be reached at

our facebook group International Students in Oldenburg

Courses for exchange students

Courses for exchange students

Exchange students can choose from the entire list of modules and courses on offer:
General course catalogue

We also offer modules and individual seminars in various courses of study in English:
Courses in English

The study programme "European Studies in Global Perspectives" is taught in English and specially designed for international exchange students:
European Studies in Global Perspectives

How to navigate the course catalogue (Stud.IP)

Note: When browsing our course catalogue, please make sure to select the desired semester in the website options (scroll down bar)! Courses for future semesters are available only shortly before the semester starts. For a general overview of what will be offered please check current or former semesters.

On a mobile device

Desktop version

German courses

Intensive German courses are offered before the beginning of the semester. Furthermore, German courses at all levels are offered during each semester. Students take language placement tests during welcome week to determine which course level is appropriate.
German courses

Our intensive course on German language and culture stretches over 4 weeks in mid-July until mid-August and includes excursions and various opportunities for immersion into the German culture.
Summer course on German language and culture

The Language Centre also offers a language tandem for all students. This project matches students with suitable conversation partners based on their language learning goals. Both language partners improve their language skills by exchanging their native languages. Students can earn 3 ECTS.
Sprachtandem project

Academic calendar

Each semester is comprised of 14 weeks of courses. After courses end, there is an examination period of two to three weeks. Before the beginning of each semester, the International Office organises the Welcome Week for new exchange students.
Semester dates/ academic calendar


Course and module: what is the difference?

A module is a content-related group of different courses, which is completed with an overall grade. Individual courses of the module can be ungraded.

Courses can take different forms, for example:

  • lecture (often ungraded)
  • seminar (frequently graded, exam could be a seminar paper)
  • exercise
  • tutorial
  • laboratory work
  • project

Modules are particularly relevant for regular enrolled students of the University of Oldenburg, but also have an impact on the choice of possible courses of exchange students. For example, if you would like to attend only a specific lecture, but not the other courses that belong to the corresponding module, an overall grade is usually not provided. If you attend a seminar, but not the corresponding tutorial and the lecture, the course is worth fewer ECTS than the entire module.

Credit points / ECTS

The workload for a module or course is measured in ECTS (credit points). One ECTS credit point translates into roughly 30 hours of work, of which only a part is spent in the classroom. The workload which regular students aim for is 30 ECTS per semester. An individual course can be worth anything between 3 and 10 ECTS. Usually, students attend courses totaling 30 ECTS per semester.

Learning agreement

You should set up your learning agreement with your academic advisor at your home university. In this document, you should state the classes you would like to attend in Oldenburg and send it to the University of Oldenburg. Your departmental coordinator at the University of Oldenburg will then review and sign it and send it back to your home university. Please inform both academic advisors/coordinators about any changes in your learning agreement.

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