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In the summer semester of 2021 all German language courses will be taught online, For more information please see our current course programme.


Online registration

The dealine for the online registration (March, 31) for the German language courses of the summer term 2021 has passed. Late registrations cannot be considered. Please try again for our intensive courses in September.

Online registration


German courses during the semester

Our German courses in the semester are aimed at:

  • International students (exchange, degree seeking and PhD students)
  • International researchers (guest researchers) and university stuff
  • External learners (only if places are available); External learners must register as guest students

German courses A1.1–B2.2

The Language Centre offers German courses at levels A1.1–B2.2 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The courses take place from October to February (winter semester) and from April to July (summer semester). Courses take place for 6 credit hours each week over a period of 14 weeks. Successful completion of the course is worth 9 ECTS credits.

German courses

Additional courses

During the lecture period, language courses on different topics are offered in addition to the regular German courses. These courses have a duration of 12 weeks with 2 credit hours per week (24 credit hours in total). Successful completion of the course is worth 3 ECTS credits.

Additional courses

During the semester break, we offer intensive German courses at levels A2.1, B1.1 and B2.1.

(Changed: 2021-04-16)