Prof. Dr. Tania Zieschang

Head of Department Geriatrics in the Department of Health Services Research

Director of the University Clinic for Geriatrics at the Oldenburg Clinic

Medical Director of the Clinic for Geriatrics at the Oldenburg Rehabilitation Centre

List of publications (selection)


  1. Stuckenschneider, Tim; Schmidt, Laura; Speckmann, Elisa-Marie; Koschate, Jessica; Zieschang, Tania (2023): Recruiting patients for falls prevention in the emergency department – worth the challenge. In: BMC Geriatrics 23 (1). DOI: 10.1186/s12877-023-04607-5;
  2. Stuckenschneider, T., Koschate, J., Dunker, E. et al. Sentinel fall presenting to the emergency department (SeFallED) - protocol of a complex study including long-term observation of functional trajectories after a fall, exploration of specific fall risk factors, and patients' views on falls prevention. BMC Geriatr 22, 594 (2022).
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