Research Projects

Project Description

The general objective of NeXOS is to develop new cost-effective, innovative and compact integrated multifunctional sensor systems (ocean optics, ocean passive acoustics, and sensors for an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF)), which can be deployed from mobile and fixed ocean observing platforms, as well as to develop downstream services for the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), Good Environmental Status (GES) of European marine waters (Marine Framework Strategy Directive) and the European Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

NeXOS is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme, under the call OCEAN-2013.2 - The Ocean of Tomorrow 2013 - Innovative multifunctional sensors for in-situ monitoring of marine environment and related maritime activities. It is composed of 21 partners including public entities, small and , companies and scientific organizations from 6 European countries.

Project Leader

  • NeXOS Coordinator: Eric Delory
  • Deputy Coordinator: Ayoze Castro


  • Project Manager: Simone Memè
    Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias

Project Partners


  • ALSEAMAR – Consortium of enterprises
  • AMU - Aix-Marseille University and others
  • IEEE – Non-profit Outreach Organization in Sciences
  • NKE – Oceanografic Instrumentation (Enterprise)


  • 52North – International Open Source Software Initiative
  • Bremen University: Marum
  • HZG – Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht
  • Oldenburg University: ICBM, AG Marine Sensor Systems
  • TrIOS - Mess- und Datentechnik GmbH


  • CNR-ISMAR Institute for Marine Research of the National Research Council Italy
  • SMID – Passive Underwater Monitoring  Devices (Enterprise)

The Netherlands

  • ECORYS – Organisation for applied economie


  • CMR – Development and Production of automatic Messsysteme (Enterprise)
  • FRANATECH – Gas monitoring and detection underwater (Enterprise)
  • NIVA - Norwegian Institute for Water Research
  • REC - Runde Miljøsenter
  • UniRESEARCH – Non-profit research enterprise


  • CTN – Centro Tecnológico naval y del mar
  • PLOCAN – Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias
  • UPC - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-Barcelona

Work Packages

  • WP 01: Scientific and Technical Coordination,
               Requirements and Validation Strategy
  • WP 02: Economic viability and industrialisation strategy

  • WP 03: Engineering of Cost-efficient and Reliable Sensor Systems

  • WP 04: Development of a modular and reconfigurable
               sensor system interface and a Marine Sensor
               Web architecture and Components

  • WP 05: Development of Optical Sensor Systems

  • WP 06: Development of passive acoustics sensor systems

  • WP 07: Development of a Sensor System for an
               Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF)

  • WP 08: Multiplatform integration and validation of new
               sensor systems prototypes

  • WP 09: Demonstrations of Sensor Systems Performance

  • WP 10: Dissemination and outreach

  • WP 11: Project Management


4 Years

Financial Support

7th European Framework Programme

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