Conference Program

Program overview

The detailed program can be found here.

WEDNESDAY - 10.10.2018

09:00-12:00    Satellite Workshop "Acoustic Sensor Networks"

Additional information about the satellite workshop can be found here.

14:00-14:10    Opening Session
14:10-15:10    Sharon Gannot (Keynote)
15:10-16:30    Active Noise Cancellation (Tutorial Session)
16:30-17:00    Coffee Break
17:00-18:30    Poster and Show&Tell Session
19:30               Welcome Reception

18:00-19:00    Meeting of the ITG-Fachausschüsse AT3 and AT4

Thursday - 11.10.2018

08:30-09:30    Shinji Watanabe (Keynote)
09:30-10:30    Signal Enhancement for Hearing Aids and Communication Systems (Lecture Session)
10:30-11:00    Coffee Break
11:00-12:30    Poster and Show&Tell Session 
12:30-13:30    Lunch
13:30-14:30    Diagnostics, Paralinguistics, and Biosignals (Lecture Session)
14:30-15:30    Neural Processing in Automatic Speech Recognition (Lecture Session)
15:30-16:00    Coffee Break

16:00               Excursion in Oldenburg
19:30               Dinner in Oldenburg Castle

Friday - 12.10.2018

09:00-10:00    Thomas Brand (Keynote)
10:00-11:00    Acoustic Sensor Networks (Lecture Session)
11:00-11:30    Coffee Break
11:30-13:00    Poster and Show&Tell Session 
13:00-14:00    Lunch
14:00-14:45    Speech and Audio Quality Evaluation (Lecture Session)
14:45-15:30    Machine Learning for Speech Enhancement (Lecture Session)
15:30-15:45    Closing Session

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