Data Files

Data Files



Data files

Here you can download trait data for all species in the LEDA Traitbase.

In a previous version of the tables "seed bank", "seed mass", "specific leaf area", "seed number" and "terminal velocity", the standard decimal symbol was a comma. Errors were reported when the tables were imported to EXCEL on computers configured with a period as the the standard decimal symbol (Numbers tab in the Regional Options tool in Control Panel, usual case in e.g. the U.S.). These errors occurred when values had more than 3 digits and period symbols (periods in Germany, commas in the US) and decimal symbols (commas in Germany, periods in the US) were mixed during the import from txt files to EXCEL files. We are sorry for any inconvenience and ask our users to check for possible errors in earlier downloads.

In the current version, all files now have periods as standard decimal symbols.

In order to download single-click with the right mouse button.

Age of first flowering
TXT(662 KB)
TXT(716 KB)
Bud bank seasonality
TXT(832 KB)
Bud vertical distribution
TXT(762 KB)
TXT(44362 KB) !!! NEW !!!
Canopy height
TXT(1079 KB)
Clonal growth organs
TXT(768 KB)
Dispersal type
TXT(833 KB)
Leaf distribution along the stem
TXT(794 KB)
Leaf dry matter content
TXT(1319 KB)
Leaf mass
TXT(1379 KB)
Leaf size
TXT(1272 KB)
Morphology of dispersal unit
TXT(1154 KB)
Plant growth form
TXT(447 KB)
Plant life span
TXT(954 KB)
Releasing height
TXT(500 KB)
Seed bank
TXT(20977 KB)
Seed longevity
TXT(12934 KB)
Seed mass
TXT(2570 KB)
Seed number
TXT(2055 KB)
Seed shape
TXT(1096 KB)
Shoot growth form
TXT(1220 KB)
Specific leaf area
TXT(1847 KB) !!! NEW !!!
Seed number per shoot
TXT(4791 KB)
TXT(1585 KB)
Terminal velocity
TXT(3334 KB)
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