Computing Facilities

Computing Facilities

Computer Lab

Participants of the Summer School are free to use the PC in the computer lab in W01 0-008 (27 PCs). There are also a number of PCs inside the library and in other computer rooms. Also see the brochure “General Information” that you have received when checking-in for the School.

Operating System

Computers are usually switched on and you can leave them turned on. The PCs in the computer lab usually have both Linux (RedHat 7) and Windows installed (other public PCs only have Windows). You have to reboot the computer to switch the operating system (OS). When the system boots, the boot menu of the GRUB boot manager appears after a few seconds. You may then select the OS with the cursor keys (default is Windows). The language settings of the OS can be changed to English (at least for Linux).

Login Information

You will obtain a university username name and a personal password when checking-in for the School. This login information is valid for both the Linux and Windows OS. Your account allows you to access the eduroam network (if you already have a valid eduroam account that should also work. Refer to the MCS webpage or the booklet with “General Information” on how to setup WLAN access on your mobile device.

File Sharing

During the summer school you will be able to access material (source code and other documents) distributed by the lecturers to all participants. This material will be available either on the MCS web page (with password protection) or on our local HPC cluster (see below). Details will follow during the summer school.

High-Performance Computing

The University Oldenburg is operating a local HPC Cluster called CARL which consists of almost 600 compute nodes (inlcuding the sister cluster EDDY). In total there are about 13.500 Intel Broadwell cores and 100TB of RAM. The cluster will be used in some of the hands-on sessions including the introduction at the beginning of the school.

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