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Fakultät VI
Dept. für medizinische Physik und Akustik
D-26111 Oldenburg

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Medizinische Physik

Pius-Hospital Oldenburg
Georgstraße 12
26121 Oldenburg
Tel: +49 441/229 1625
Fax: +49 441/229 1645

Medical radiation physics

Division for Medical Radiation Physics and Space Environment - University Clinic for Medical Radiation Physics

Research and Development:
High energetic ionizing radiation plays an important role in modern medicine, engineering, space- and natural sciences. Within the six working groups of our division more than 30 scientists, engineers and students are working in the field of radiation, particle detection and measurements.

The division is devided in 6 working groups with strong thematic overlaps.

  • Detectors and Methods (B.Poppe)
  • Radiotherapy (K. Willborn)
  • Computational Methods (H.K. Looe)
  • Extreme Beams (V. Wyrwoll)
  • Space Environment (G. Drolshagen)
  • Radiology (H. v. Boetticher)



Our Research Areas:

  • Dosimetry for Photon, Electron and Hadron Beams in Radiotherapy
  • Reference Dosimetry
  • Non-Reference Dosimetry
  • 2D-Dosimetry
  • MR-Field Dosimetry
  • Dosimetry for Ultra-High Energetic Particle- and Electron Beams
  • Monte-Carlo Simulations of Detectors and Beamlines
  • Interaction of Radiation with Electronic Components
  • Space Environment: Cosmic Rays, Meteors and Fireballs
  • Robotic Telescopes
  • Light Pollution

The latest publications can be found here.

We believe that student education and research driven teaching are the major pillars for successful research in our field. Students are often co-authors on many of our publications and present their work regularly on conferences. Many student works have been honored with intramural, extramural or even international awards. The scientific education is complemented by offering residencies in Medical Physics for our students. Since 2005 more than 100 Medical Physics Experts have been educated in the University Hospital for Medical Radiation Physics.

Scientific Collaborations
As in many other fields of modern science successful and high-end radiation research can only be performed in collaborative and synergistic cooperations. We are therefore strongly embedded in national and international research cooperations and alliances with academical and industrial partners. A list of cooperation partners can be found on the left side-bar.

Standardization and Certification Bodies
Science needs to take responsibilities to foster and strengthen the development our modern society. In our field the transfer of scientific developments to clinical practice, technological developments and if necessary also into worldwide discussion and awareness are the areas we actively involved in. Several members of our group are working honorary in national and international standardization and certification bodies. Also further education programs for professionals are a major part of our activities in this area.





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