Conference Programme

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Movement Discourse
Historical and Contemporary Formations and Transformations

Conference Programme

Thursday, 2 July 2015
9:00-9:30                           Registration                    
9:30Conference Welcome
9:45-12:30Section I: Movement Discourse across the Disciplines, Part 1: Cultural and Empirical Perspectives in the Social Sciences
Chair: Anton Kirchhofer

Hank Johnston, “What’s a Social Movement?”

Wouter de Nooy, “Sociological Theory and Network Models for Intellectual Movements”
Dieter Rucht, “Academic Conceptualisations of Social Movements as Agents of Social Change since the 19th Century”
14:00-16:30Section II: Movement Discourse across the Disciplines, Part 2: Theorizing Narrative Patterns in Movement Discourse
Chair: Christian Lassen
Josephine Guy, “Literary Movements: What Are They? and Do We Need Them?”
Anton Kirchhofer, “Between Metaphor and Allegory: Functional and Rhetorical Perspectives on Movement Discourse”
Klaus Weinhauer, “Violent and Destructive Crowds? Imaginaries of Social Movements during the 20th Century”
17:00-17:30Disciplinary Counterpoints:
Genevieve Warwick: “Movement Discourse and the New Art History”
17:30-18:30Round Table: Transdisciplinary Perspectives?
Chair: Anna Auguscik
Friday, 3 July 2015
09:15-11:30Section III: Mediation and Modes of Representation in Movement Discourse
Chair: Klaus Weinhauer
Kaitlynn Mendes, “‘Oh sorry, does my dress make you feel like a rapist today?’: Representations of SlutWalk in Global Newspapers and Feminist Blogs”
Bart Cammaerts, “The Mediation and Reception of Anti- Austerity Movement Discourses”
Martin Butler, “Punk is Dead. Or is it? On Strategies of Subcultural Positioning in/and the (Re-)Making of the Punk Movement”
11:45-12:45 Section IV, Part 1: Media, Subjectivity and Participation in Movement Discourse
Chair: Annika McPherson
Birger Hansen and Christian Lassen, “Confronting Trauma through Activism: Reparative Engagements with Social Movements”
Michaela Keck, “Gender, Critique, and Participation in the Black Freedom Movement: Anne Moody's Autobiographical Self- Fashioning in Coming of Age in Mississippi”
14:00-15:00Section IV, Part 2: Media, Subjectivity and Participation in Movement Discourse
Chair: Eckart Voigts
Michaela Koch, “‘I have had the pleasure of corresponding directly with Cheryl Chase’: Political Intersex Activism and Academic Criticism”
Corinna Schmechel, “Athletic movements: About concepts of sporty activities as element of social and political movements on the example of feminist_queer sports-movements”
15:15-17:45Section V: Historical Trajectories: Movement Discourse and the Threshold of Modernity
Chair: Britta Bußmann
Samuel Cohn, “Social Movements: Medieval Guilds and Cholera Riots in the 19th and 20th Century”
Wil Verhoeven, “Clubbable Conversation: Movements, Mobility and the Birth of Political Modernity in Britain, 1789-1803”
Albrecht Hausmann, “Movement(s) in Medieval and Early Modern Contexts”
18:00-18:45 Round Table
Chair: Martin Butler
Saturday, 4 July 2015
9:15-11:30Section VI: Movement Discourse beyond Western Modernity: Transnational and Transcultural Perspectives
Chair: Ralf Grüttemeier
Gun-Britt Kohler, “‘Movement Discourse’ in Belarus (1906- 1932)”
Brycchan Carey, “Navigation, Circulation, Migration, and Rotation: ‘Incessant Movement(s)’ in the Eighteenth-Century Caribbean World”
Annika McPherson, “South-North Entanglements in Movement Discourse: Theorizing Pan-Africanism”
12:00-13:00 Round Table and Closing Remarks
Chair: Annika McPherson and Anton Kirchhofer


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