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Research News from Oldenburg

Research News from Oldenburg

New Professor for Digitalized Energy Systems

Already last year the energy informatics expert Prof. Dr. Astrid Nieße has been appointed to the professorship for Digitized Energy Systems in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oldenburg. Previously, she taught and conducted research as Professor of Energy Informatics at the…

Research News from Oldenburg ForWind Center for Wind Energy Research

The wind turbines of the future – and their digital twins

The new "Offshore Megastructures" Collaborative Research Centre led by the University Hannover is researching and developing concepts for massive offshore wind turbines. In two sub-projects, Oldenburg researchers are investigating rotor designs and wind conditions at high altitudes.

Research News from Oldenburg

School Students conduct Research Project on Off-grid PV supported by Experts from the PPRE Community

Dr. Christiane Stroth, former PPRE and REO staff member (2016-2019), is currently working at the university of Münster and involved in a project with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Germany in the field of education for sustainable development. The project is called 2°Campus, addresses school…

Research News from Oldenburg OFFIS

Resilience of digitalised energy systems

In order to make the best possible use of the potential of digitalisation for a secure and sustainable energy supply at an early stage and to be able to counter emerging risks for blackouts, the interdisciplinary working group "Resilience of digitalised energy systems" (under the leadership of…

Research News from Oldenburg ForWind Center for Wind Energy Research

Publications with respect to Wind Energy

In the following you may find some recent publication with resepect to Wind Energy released in 2020 by Forwind Center for Wind Energy Research

Research News from Oldenburg ForWind Center for Wind Energy Research

Predicting the power of offshore wind farms more accurately

Strong changes in wind speed within time periods of less than half an hour - these are so-called wind ramps. If they occur unexpectedly, they pose problems for electricity traders and grid operators. To improve the prediction of wind ramps, ForWind scientists want to use laser beams to measure the…

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