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Research News from Oldenburg

Research News from Oldenburg OFFIS

Renewable Energies and Critical Resources?

Since September 2020 the new book of our PPRE Lecturer (Bioenergy) and OFFIS member Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Pehlken is available at Elsevier. The Material Basis of Energy Transitions explores the socio-technical intersection between critical raw material provision and the energy system.

Research News from Oldenburg ForWind Center for Wind Energy Research

Challenges to Wind Energy Potential

What innovations are needed to make wind one of the world's primary sources of low-cost electricity generation?

Research News from Oldenburg DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems

Electric three-wheelers as an alternative to combustion-engined autorickshaws in Dar es Salaam

The DLR Institutes of Transport Research, Vehicle Concepts and Networked Energy Systems undertook a joint effort to evaluate the risks and potentials for the electrification of 3-wheelers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The paper was accepted for the 2020 Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies…

Research News from Oldenburg

Sustainability and IT

Dr.Ing. Alexandra Pehlken is heading the Sustainability research group at OFFIS. Sustainability and IT - does that fit together? Digitisation can and will play a major role in the sustainability research of the future.

Research News from Oldenburg

Research Project LOD-GEOSS

Linked open data (LOD) and use of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems GEOSS in energy systems analysis is a project run the DLR-Institute of Networked Energy Systems (head: Dr. Detlev Heinemann) together with other German Research institutions.


Research News from Oldenburg

My job is to model and simulate power grids

Interview taken with Dorothee Peters, who studied engineering physics and joined DLR-Networked Energy Systems in Oldenburg in 2015 while completing her master’s degree. Presently she is now member of the scientific staff at the Department of Energy Systems Technology.


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