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Motivated students have the possibility to do their master thesis research in the work group. For a collection of possible topics  see below.


Master thesis topics

From ECoG to EEG

EEG is recorded from electrodes on the scalp. These electrodes are quite far away from the neural tissue and it is difficult to determine where the recorded signal is originating from. Source modeling approaches allow to estimate the origin of neural activity. These models can be improved by taking the shape of the cortex of each individual into account. However, these models are still far from optimal. In this project we want to use ECoG data (recorded in epilepsy patients) to predict EEG activity. ECoG is recorded with electrodes that are directly located on the brain and therefore allow to estimate the origin of the recorded signal quite well. We are going to use this data to compute a forward model to predict the signal that can be recorded on the scalp using EEG. This work may help to improve source models. The project will work on existing data, no extra data acquisition will be required.

What can we measure with ear-EEG?

Ear-Centered EEG allows to record brain activity in everyday situation with little inconvenience for the participant. Compared to cap-EEG, ear-centered EEG is recorded from only a few electrodes around the ear. In this project, we want to answer the questions to which neural processes ear-EEG is sensitive to. Participants will execute several standard paradigms that are known to elicit large event-related potentials. You will learn how to acquire ear-EEG data, about a variety of experiments, to analyse ear-EEG data and to relate the findings to the literature. 

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