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Motivierte Studierende haben die Möglichkeit in der Arbeitsgruppe ihre Masterarbeit zu schreiben. Eine Auswahl an möglichen Projekten findet sich nachfolgend.

Sound perception in everyday life with mobile EEG

This project investigates sound perception in everyday life: How many sounds do we notice and how many do we miss? The participants are equipped with a mobile EEG cap, microphones, and a smartphone. The smartphone runs an app that records the soundscape of the participant as privacy-protecting features. The participants sit in an office and work while they are sporadically presented with tones from different directions. 


Aims of the project

  • examine how well we can identify presented sounds with our app
  • analyse processing of the presented sounds e.g. via ERPs
  • further ideas and hypotheses are welcome


Contact: daniel.hoelle@uol.de

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