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Comp Chem team

Computational Chemistry team

The following persons have joined the Computational Chemistry group over the years:

Dr. Andreas Opitz (external guest researcher, Konstanz).

Alexander Buß (BSc student, March - September 2012). He wrote his thesis on the evaluation of theoretical methods for the simulation of NMR chemical shifts.

Dr. Justin Finnerty (postdoc, Fellow of the Hansewissenschaftskolleg - Center for Advanced Studies, July 2006 - March 2011, now FZ Jülich)

Dr. Murali Sukumaran (postdoc, March 2011 - July 2012). He worked mainly on nanofibres and theoretical SERS studies.

Dipl.-Chem. Martin Podszus (diploma student, August 2008 - May 2009). His subject was the computational investigation of a Fischer-Indol reaction mechanism.

Dr. Eva Bölter (PhD student, May 2003 - March 2008, now teacher in Aurich)

Dr. Torsten Bruhn (PhD student, August 2002 - March 2006, now Uni Würzburg)

Eric Bahr (system administrator, July 2003 - June 2004)

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