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Dr. Eva Bölter

Dr. Eva Bölter


Theoretical and experimental reactivity studies of early transition metal complexes

Diploma thesis

Untersuchungen zum Koordinationsverhalten makrocyclischer Stickstoff- und Schwefelliganden
(in the groups of Dr. Rainer Koch und Prof. Henry Strasdeit)


Coordination Chemistry of Lipoic Acid and Related Compounds. New Heteroditopic Ligands Derived from Monoazacrown Ethers and Lipoic Acid. M. Wilhelm, E. Berssen, R. Koch, H. Strasdeit, Monatshefte f. Chemie, 2002, 133, 1097 - 1108.

The First Structurally Authenticated Organomercury Thioether Complexes––Mercury–Carbon Bond Activation Related to the Mechanism of the Bacterial Enzyme Organomercurial Lyase. M. Wilhelm, S. Deeken, E. Berssen, W. Saak, A Lützen, R. Koch, H. Strasdeit, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2004, 2301 – 2312.

Conference contributions

Quantummechanical study on the complexation of Zn with macrocyclic ligands. E. Berssen, H. Strasdeit, R. Koch,
• Tag der Chemie, Oldenburg, 8. November 2001.
• Tag der Chemie, Oldenburg, 6. Februar 2003.
• 17. Darmstädter Molecular Modelling Workshop, Erlangen, 27. – 28. Mai 2003.

Methylmercury Thioether Complexes as Models for the Active Site of the Enzyme Organomercurial Lyase, H. Strasdeit, M. Wilhelm, S. Deeken, E. Berssen, R. Koch, 35th Int. Conf. Coord. Chem., Heidelberg, 21. - 26. Juli 2002.

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