Analysis of Diversity Methods for Evolutionary Multi-objective Ensemble Classifiers
Oehmcke, Stefan; Heinermann, Justin; Kramer, Oliver
Applications of Evolutionary Computation (Evo*), 2015,Springer

kNN Ensembles with Penalized DTW for Multivariate Time Series Imputation
Oehmcke, Stefan; Zielinski, Oliver; Kramer, Oliver
International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) 2016, IEEE

Event Detection in Marine Time Series Data
Stefan Oehmcke, Oliver Zielinski, Oliver Kramer
German Conference on Artificial Intelligence KI 2015

Demon Hunt - The Role of Endsley’s Demons of Situation Awareness in
Maritime Accidents

Tim Claudius Stratmann, Susanne Boll
8th International Conference on Human Error, Safety, and System
Development (HESSD), 2016, Springer

Evaluation of Distributed Situation Awareness on a Ship Bridge
Stella Parisi, Andreas Lüdtke
Proceedings of the European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics 2016

Noise characteristics in extreme shallow water with relation to ship maneuvering parameters

Ammar Aljuhne


Analysis of Translational Ship Oscillations in a Realistic Environment

Chen Zhang

ICOME 2017:19th International Conference on Ocean and Marine Engineering

Estimation of Ship Motion at Center of Gravity using an Optimization Finding Algorithm

Chen Zhang

DEMat 17,Development and Evaluation of Marine Technologies

Ship parameter extraction system using passive acoustic approach.

Ammar Aljuhne


Processing Moving Object Data Streams with Data Stream Management Systems

Tobias Brand

PhD Workshop VLDB 2017

Anomaly detection on data streams for machine condition monitoring

Tobias Brandt

IEEE INDIN Conference 2016

A Description Language for Environmental Fields Synthesis in Maritime Co-Simulation Scenarios

Liqun Wu

SIMUL 2016

Modeling Spatio-Temporal Variations for the Language-Driven Development of Simulated Environment Generators

Liqun Wu

COSIT 2017

Maritime Unmanned Vehicle Cruise Path Planning for Maritime Information Collection

Man Zhu

CAMS 2016

Parameter Identification of Ship Maneuvering Models Using Recursive Least Square Method Based on Support Vector Machines

Man Zhu

TransNav 2017

Simulative Evaluation of Applying Optimized Support Vector Machines to Identify the Simplified Ship Dynamic Model

Man Zhu

INDIN 2017

Manoeuvring areas to adapt ACAS for the maritime domain

Hasan Deeb

IWNTM 2015- International Workshop on Nautical Traffic Models

A Review of Damage Assessment Models in the Maritime Domain

Hasan Deeb

ICSOS 2016

Pre-Crash Advisor – Decision Support System for Mitigating Collision Damage

Hasan Deeb


A domain-specific architecture framework for the maritime domain

Benjamin Weinert

Informatik 2016

The Maritime Cloud - On the way to an Internet of the Seas

Benjamin Weinert

Ai-MAST 2016

System of Systems: How the maritime domain can learn from the Smart Grid

Benjamin Weinert

ELMAR 2017

A software defined aviation radio receiver

Dennis Grunert

IEEE Conference Magdeburg 2016

From nautical path planning in ECDIS to their realisation applied for fully 
actuated ships

Dennis Grunert

CAMS 20016

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