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Coordination English courses

Tim Dittmann


Courses of the English Section

The Sprachenzentrum offers a choice of English courses across the competence levels from A2 to C1 (CEF) to empower you to use the English language both proficiently and effectively in a wide variety of contexts relevant to your needs.

There are regular courses throughout the Winter and Summer Semesters and these are complemented by Intensive Courses through the Winter and Summer Semester breaks.

For all the following courses it is necessary to take a short 6-minute oral Placement Test to ensure the course you apply for is the correct course for you. It is necessary for all students wishing to do an English class to take this test no matter what your knowledge or previous experience of English has been.  For further details please go to this site. The result of the Placement test is valid for one year. If you successfully pass any one of the English courses you have the right to apply for a place on the next level course.

The Basismodul Levels 1 & 2 is a two-semester course commencing in the Winter Semester. This is a general English course aimed as revisiting and consolidating the basics of English grammar, structures and syntax.

The following courses are aimed at studying English within the context of the University and concentrate on specific skills; they are all one semester in length.

English for University Studies: 3. Comprehensive Language Skills (pb362)

English for University Studies: 4. Language Functions (pb363)

English for University Studies: 4. Writing and Speaking (pb364)

English for University Studies: 4. Reading and Speaking (pb366)

English for University Studies: 5. Comprehensive Language Skills (pb339)

English for University Studies: 5. Writing and Reading (pb337)

For further details of all these courses please check here

In addition, there is a practical module entitled Success at Work: 5.
Application Skills
Communication Skills
Grammar and Vocabulary Skills

For further details of this module please check here

Supplementing these courses are two Wirtschaftsenglisch courses only for the students from Faculty 2:

Wirtschaftsenglisch 1: 4 (wir933)
Wirtschaftsenglisch 2: 4 (wir943)

For further details of  these courses please check here

These two courses are only open to students of the study programmes of the “Department Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften”.

If you require a specific CEFR level for further studies then it will be necessary to take a formal examination such as: TOEFLibt/TOEFLitp/IELTS/Cambridge/TOIEC. The Language Centre also offers exams at three levels: B1/B2/C1 but these certificates are usually only accepted within Oldenburg and Bremen university. We also regularly offer the TOEFL itp Exam - this is the paper-based version of the TOEFL examination.

For further details of all examinations please check here

Important Information about the English classes

The structure and titles of many of the English courses changed from the Winter Semester 2019/20. Please read the new course descriptions carefully.

The Basismodul classes - BM1 in the winter semester and BM2 in the summer semester are followed by the Level 3 courses, then the Level 4 courses up to the highest level courses  which are Level 5. Level 3, 4 and 5 courses are 1 semester in length.

If you have general questions please read this website. For specific questions please contact the English coordinator Tim Dittmann (

Remember: for all students who wish to do an English course it is necessary to do a Placement Test, whatever their previous experience in the language (more details below). This also applies to students who completed a previous English course at the Sprachenzentrum longer than one year ago or took the Einstufingstest also more than one year ago.

English Courses - Overview

Winter Semester

Intensive Course

Summer Semester

Intensive Course

Basismodul 1 (BM1) Basismodul 2 (BM2) 
EUS 3 Courses: EUS 3 Courses: 
Comprehensive Language Skills Comprehensive Language Skills 
EUS 4 Courses: EUS 4 Courses: 
Language FunctionsXLanguage FunctionsX
Writing / Speaking Writing / Speaking 
Reading / Speaking Reading / Speaking 
Wirtschaftsenglisch 1 Wirtschaftsenglisch 1 
EUS 5 Courses: EUS 5 Courses: 
Comprehensive Language PracticeXComprehensive Language PracticeX
Writing / Reading Writing / Reading 
Success at Work Success at Work 
Wirtschaftsenglisch 2 Wirtschaftsenglisch 2 
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