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Coordination English courses

Tim Dittmann

English for Economics

English for Economics

English for Economics 1

English for Economics 1 (wir933)

Business English is often considered as one of the core competencies in our globalised world of work. This course focuses on communication in typical work-related situations and will include topics such as giving presentations in English, writing reports and emails, telephoning techniques and cultural differences. The students taking this course will learn to communicate fluently at work and during a semester or an internship abroad.

Coursebook: The Business 2.0. (Upper Intermediate)
ISBN: 9783192529177. Verlag: Macmillan/Hueber

English for Economics 2

English for Economics 2 (wir943)

This advanced Business English course focuses on an intensive lexical input and practice followed by extensive business speaking and writing activities.

The first section of the course concentrates on major business themes such as corporate strategy, marketing and distribution, accounting and finance. This is followed by an in-depth discussion on effective communication skills; these include developing an argument, social English, effective presentations and clarity in written communiation.

Kursbuch: The Business 2.0 (Advanced)
ISBN: 9780230438040
Verlag: Macmillan/Hueber

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