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Coordination English courses

Tim Dittmann

General English Courses

General English Courses

The lower level courses offer general support and instruction in the four skill areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking underpinned by a strong emphasis on grammatical and lexical structures. The higher level courses build upon this foundation and introduce more advanced academic skills necessary for university work and beyond. Complementing these courses is a series of upper level business English classes.

For individual consultation please contact the English Coordinator who can advise you on which course is most appropriate.

Absolute Beginner Course

This general English course is for students who have had NO experience in the English language other than a few words. It assumes a level of A0 and in the two days works towards A1 (CEF).

The ability to communicate verbally at a basic level is the focus along with the introduction of key grammatical structures to develop confidence in using English.

The course will include:

  • Extensive communicative exercises – group and pair work
  • Introduction of key vocabulary for use in everyday situations
  • Essential grammar – tenses, sentence structure, questions, negative
  • Writing short texts, letters, emails
  • Listening practice – groups, reporting, discussions

There is no assessment associated with this course and there are 0 Credit Points. Once completed it is advantageous to then take part in the Elementary Language Leader Course.

Course material will be provided.

Elementary Language Leader

This general English course is for students who have very limited experience in the English language. It is not suitable for absolute beginners. It assumes you have learnt some basic English and that you are already at A1 (CEF) level. The function of this course is to improve your language skills to such a level that you would be able to apply for the Pre-Intermediate Language Leader (Basismodul) course in the winter semester.

The course will include:

  • Grammar: tenses – present, past, future, present perfect; articles, adjectives, modals, (un)countable nouns
  • Vocabulary associated with history, homes, travel, cities, transport, leisure, food, nature
  • Study & writing skills – planning and writing, making notes, (in)formal styles, blogs
  • Discussion techniques, intonation, interviewing, evaluating, speculating, explanations

There is no assessment associated with this course and there are 0 Credit Points.

The required course book is:

New Language Leader-Elementary by I.Lebeau, G.Rees. Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 9781447961468

Basismodul 1+2 (pb101 + pb102)

This general pre intermediate language course employs stimulating topics to engage interest and provide motivation for learning. It uses a broadly communicative methodology and a text and task-based approach including comprehensive work on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and integrated skills, where strong emphasis is placed on reading, writing and study skills as well as speaking and listening.

The winter course will include:

  • Grammar practice – review of basic tenses, relative pronouns, comparative 6 superlative, predictions
  • Vocabulary associated with natural world, people, media, health, society and family.
  • Study & writing skills – paragraph, description, summary, critical thinking
  • Discussion techniques – agreeing and disagreeing, justifying, expressing choice, suggestions

The summer course will include:

  • Grammar practice verb patterns, used to, question tags, conditionals
  • Vocabulary associated with science, work and industry, global affairs, environment, sport
  • Study & writing skills – research, writing a paragraph, critical thinking, summary
  • Discussion techniques – developing an argument, discussing preferences, collaborating

The course is conducted exclusively in English and therefore a competence level of at least B2 is a requirement. This is a 6 Credit Point course.

Assessment is in the form of a Portfolio: There are four pieces of assessed work required, each worth 25%.

  1. Exam based essay (45 minutes) linked to a required reading book
  2. Listening exam (45 minutes)
  3. Use of English exam based on vocabulary and grammar in course book (45 minutes)
  4. Individual presentation in class on theme related to the course book (10 minutes)

The required course book for both winter and semester break courses is:

  1. New Language Leader-Pre Intermediate by I.Lebeau, G.Rees. Publisher: Pearson
    ISBN: 9781447961529


  1. Winter semester: Stories of Survival by F.Beddall
    ISBN: 9781408221068
  2. Summer semester: Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by A. Conan-Doyle
    ISBN: 97881405862424

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