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Technical Director

Dr. Vita Solovyeva



W4 0-122

Jeol JEM2100F TEM

The Jeol 2100F electron microscope is a high resolution scanning/transmission electron microscope equipped with Schottky field emission gun (FEG). It is well suited for material sciences, and can be operated at voltages between 80-200 kV in both, the transmission (TEM) mode and the scanning transmission (STEM) mode.

Additionally, it offers chemical analysis and tomography capabilities. It is well suited for high-resolution imaging in the TEM mode, and atomic resolution can be achieved due to the high resolution objective lens polepiece. Z-contrast imaging is possible in the STEM mode using the bright field (BF) and high angle annular dark field (HAADF) STEM detectors. Specimen tilts of ±30° are possible with the regular sample holder, tilts up to approximately ±80° with a high tilt holder. An Oxford energy dispersive X-ray analysis system allows elemental analysis. The high tilt holder in combination with the Tomography software allows 3D-rendering of samples. Digitized image documentation is achieved via two retractable CCD cameras.


 Jeol 2100F S-TEM

Accelerating voltage

80 kV - 200 kV


50x – 1,500,000x

Magnification steps

30 steps in Mag Mode (2,000x - 1,500,000x)

20 steps in Low Mag Mode (50x - 6,000x)

21 steps in SA Mag Mode (8,000x - 800,000x)


0.14 nm lattice image

0.23 nm point image

Camera length steps

15 steps in SA DIFF (80-2,000mm)

14 steps in HD DIFF (4-80mm)

1 step in HR DIFF (333mm)

Objective lens polepiece

high resolution polepiece (HRP)

Focal length


Spherical aberration coefficient


Chromatic aberration coefficient


Minimum focal step


Exciting current stability

1 ppm/min.

Specimen stage

micro active goniometer

Specimen tilt angle

±35° (X-axis); ±30° (Y-axis)

Specimen movements

2.0mm (X); 2.0mm (Y); 0.4mm (Z) // (±0.2mm)

Additional equipment



Oxford INCA Energy TEM250 with SDD-Detector X-Max80 (area 80 mm2, resolution 129 eV at Mn K; detects elements from Be to Pu)


High tilt specimen retainer; Jeol Tomography software packages for acquisition, 3D-reconstruction, and 3D-rendering

Image documentation

above the viewing screen: Gatan Orius SC200D (2k x 2k; 15mm x15mm, side entry lens coupled camera; readout of up to 30fps)

below the viewing screen: Gatan Orius SC600 (2.7k x 2.7k; 24mm x24mm, fiber optic coupled camera; readout of up to 13fps)

operating software: Gatan Digital Micrograph

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