Scientific director

Technical Director

Dr. Vita Solovyeva



W4 0-120

Zeiss EM 900N TEM

nullThe Zeiss EM 900N TEM is our multi-purpose electron microscope. It is equipped with a tungsten hairpin cathode and is operated at 80 kV. It offers good image contrast due to its electron lens optics and, thus, is well suited for biological specimen obtained by negative staining or ultrathin sectioning, but also for non-biological, samples such as nanoparticles. New users are first trained on this microscope, and most of the teaching and education during courses are done on it. Digitized image documentation is achieved via a side entry CCD camera which is positioned above the viewing screen.


Zeiss EM 900N TEM

Accelerating voltage

20 kV; 40 kV; 60 kV; 80 kV

Magnification (15 steps)

150x – 250,000x


0.344 nm lattice image

0.5 nm point image

Specimen movements

2.0mm (X); 2.0mm (Y)



Additional equipment


Image documentation

Wide-angle dual speed 2K CCD camera controlled by the Sharp:Eye base controller and operated by the Image SP software 
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