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Lara Hardebeck
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118
26111 Oldenburg

JJW 2-203

Lara Hardebeck

Lara Hardebeck

Research Associate
Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all

Curriculum vitae

Professional Appointments

since 01.2023
Research associate at the Department of Special Needs Education & Rehabilitation
University of Oldenburg

07.2022 - 12.2022
Student associate at the Institute of Dutch Studies
University of Oldenburg

04.2020 - 06.2022
Student associate at the Department of Special Needs Education & Rehabilitation
University of Oldenburg

08.2016 - 07.2017
Federal voluntary service
Paul-Moor-Schule Bersenbrück (School for children with mental disabilities)


10.2020 - 09.2022
Master of Education - Special Needs Education and German Studies
Universtity of Oldenburg
Master Thesis: "Elementary School Children in Second Language Acquisition Telling Stories - A Quantitative Study of Narrative Skills With Special Attention to Microstructure"

10.2017 - 02.2021
Bachelor - Special Needs Education and German Studies
University of Oldenburg
Bachelor Thesis: "Initiation Strategies of Children in Second Language Acquisition in the Context of Picture Book Reflections With Pedagogical Professionals"

Research Interests

  • narrative skills of children
  • language development of children with hearing impairment
  • inclusion and participation of students with hearing impairment



Hardebeck, L.
, Ruigendijk, E., Grandon, B. & Licandro, U. (accepted). Erzählfähigkeiten von Kindern mit einer Hörbeeinträchtigung [Narratives of Children With Hearing Impairment - Individual Differences And Correlations With Oral Language Skills]. Sprache - Stimme - Gehör

Conference contributions

Hardebeck, L., Ruigendijk, E. & Licandro, U. (2023, Septemeber). Partizipationsmöglichkeiten von Kindern mit einer Hörbeeinträchtigung in inklusiven Schulen [Participation Opportunities for Children With Hearing Impairment in Inclusive Schools]. Poster Presentation at the Special Education Section Conference of the DGfE, Technical University of Dresden.

Dissertation Project

Working title: Language acquisition and participation of children with hearing loss

One aim of inclusion is to ensure equal access to education in order to enable children and young people to participate completely and successfully in society (Beauftragter der Bundesregierung für die Belange von Menschen mit Behinderungen, 2018; Platte, 2020). In the context of (inclusive) teaching, which is predominantly organized in spoken language and thus requires hearing and speech comprehension (Bogner et al., 2018; Hennies & Hintermair, 2020), children with hearing impairment who communicate in spoken language encounter numerous barriers to participation (Schwab et al., 2019; Todorov et al., 2021). These result, for instance, from delays in the acquisition of spoken language (Haukedal et al., 2022; Tomblin et al., 2015). It is necessary to record the subjective experiences and needs of these children in order to identify and reduce barriers to participation. It is also important to involve teachers in this process so that they are sensitized to the challenges and needs of their students and provide appropriate support opportunities in the classroom (Todorov et al., 2022).

In order to strengthen the participation of children with hearing impairment, the PhD project will investigate the relationship between language skills, subjective hearing quality in inclusive classrooms and the participation opportunities of children with hearing impairment. On the one hand, standardized language tests and questionnaires on participation and the assessment of subjective hearing quality will be used. On the other hand, interviews will be conducted with children with hearing impairment and their teachers in order to identify barriers and opportunities for support and assistance for participation in inclusive education.

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