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Sarah Volknant
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
Ammerländer-Heerstraße 114-118
26111 Oldenburg

JJW 1-103

Sarah Volknant

Research Associate
Teacher Education 2040: Dimensions of Teacher Professionalization from an Interdisciplinary Perspective - Challenges, Models, Methods
Research Cluster Intersectional Sensitivity 

Curriculum vitae

Professional Appointments

Since 01.2022
Research associate at the Department of Special Needs Education & Rehabilitation
University of Oldenburg

Student Associate 
Faculty of Education
University of Hamburg


Master's program "Multilingual Educational Linguistics" at the University of Hamburg
Thesis "Multilingualism in Schools - Professional Beliefs of Migrant Multilingual Student Teachers".

Bachelor’s program “Early Childhood Education” at the University of Education, Freiburg
Thesis "Multilingualism as an opportunity – Creating a multilingual picture book".

Stays abroad

Erasmus semester at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Spain

Internship as  Teaching Assistant in a bilingual preschool in Irvine, California.

Research Interests

  • Intersectional sensitivity in teacher education
  • Diversity-related teacher beliefs
  • Multilingualism and migration in schools


Conference contributions

Volknant, S. & Scholz-Wemken, S. (2023, May). Intersektionale Sensibilität in der Lehrkräftebildung. Presentation at the Networking Conference within the framework of the SGBF-AG "Intercultural Education": Power and Critical Perspectives on Education - Insights and Research Movements, Zurich University of Teacher Education.

Volknant, S. (2022, August). Sprachlich-kulturelle Diversität aus intersektional sensibler Perspektive: Überzeugungen und Kompetenzen von Lehrkräften. Presentation on the doctoral project within the framework of the Junior Researchers Workshop at the Conference MEHR I SPRACHLICHE I BILDUNG - Linguistic Diversity as an Opportunity and Challenge in Educational Contexts, University of Cologne.

Volknant, S. (2022, June). Sprachlich-kulturelle Diversität aus intersektional sensibler Perspektive: Überzeugungen und Kompetenzen von Lehrkräften. Poster presentation at the conference for scientists in qualification phases of the Mercator Institute for Language Support and German as a Second Language, University of Cologne.

Intersectional sensitivity

Further information on the research cluster Intersectional Sensitivity can be found here!

Dissertation Project

Working Title: Cultural and linguistic diversity from an intersectional perspective: Teachers’ beliefs and skills

In Germany's migration society, linguistic and cultural influences affect the developmental and educational processes of pupils in many ways. The linguistic-cultural diversity of the student body itself is also steadily increasing (Bello, 2020). This dynamic is not adequately addressed in schools or in teacher training; for example, courses on dealing with multilingualism are neither compulsory in teacher training nor available at all universities (Busse, 2020). Ideas of normality, including those of (prospective) teachers themselves, ensure, among other things, the maintenance of the "monolingual habitus" (Gogolin, 2008), which reinforces educational disadvantage and prevents participation.

The PhD project aims to develop a competence model for dealing with linguistic-cultural diversity for teachers using the intersectional analysis perspective (Ganz & Hausotter, 2020). The research process uses different methods of qualitative social research to capture beliefs and competence development in teacher education, from the perspective of student teachers and from pedagogical practice, and is complemented by insights from international research.

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