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Carl von Ossietzky University
Department of Medical Physics and Acoustics
Acoustics Group
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Carl von Ossietzky University
Department of Medical Physics and Acoustics
Acoustics Group
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Str. 9-11
26129 Oldenburg


Colloquium for the Department of Medical Physics and Acoustics and for the SFB HAPPAA

  • Time: tuesday, 14:15 -16:00 
  • Place: on-line
  • Coordination: Steven van de Par (DPMA) & Mathias Dietz (SFB)

Summer semester 2022



Virginia Best (Boston University)Speech-on-speech masking Jan RenniesConfirmed
10.5.2022Alejandro Osses (ENS Paris)Perceptual similarity between piano notes: Simulations with a template-based perception modelStephan EwertConfirmed
17.5.2022Birger Kollemeier (Uni Oldenburg)

Speech intelligibility prediction with hybrid auditory model- and ML-based methods: The best of two worlds?

Mathias DietzConfirmed
7.6.2022Antje Wulff (Uni Oldenburg)tbaMathias DietzConfirmed


Janina Fels (RWTH Aachen)tbaVolker HohmannConfirmed


Summer semester 2021



Tobias Goehring (Cambridge University)

tbaMathias DietzConfirmed


Monday! Starting at 16:00

Sebastian Stober,  Andreas Krug (Uni Magdeburg)Visualizing deep neural networks for speech recognition Jörn AnemüllerConfirmed
4.5.2021Ilia A. Solov'yov (UOL)Computational microscope for biophysical applicationsBirger KollmeierConfirmed


starting at 12:15

Woon-Seng Gan (NTU, Singapore)Augmented Reality for Headphones/HearablesSimon DocloConfirmed
18.5.2021Fabian Brinkmann & Stefan Weinzierl (TU Berling)HRTF individualization based on anthropometric featuresMatthias BlauConfirmed
25.05.2021Jens Kreitewolf (McGill University)How listeners use acoustic voice features in cocktail-party listening and person-identity perceptionKai SiedenburgConfirmed
1.06.2021Ali Fallah (UOL)Audio reproduction in non-optimal acoustical environmentsSteven van de ParConfirmed
15.6.2021Lorenzo Picinali (Imperial College London)System-to-user and user-to-system adaptation in binaural spatialisationVolker HohmannConfirmed
7.7.2021Peter Svensson (NTNU)tbaStephan Ewert / Bernhard SeeberConfirmed


Winter semester 2020-2021



Thomas Brand & Jan Rennies & Co (UOL & Fraunhofer HSA)Data and models about binaural aspects of intelligibility and listening effortMathias DietzConfirmed


Mathieu Lavandier (ENTPE, Univ. Lyon)About hearing impairment and individual variability in modelling binaural speech intelligibility (preliminary)Thomas BrandConfirmed


Christian Lorenzi (ENS Paris)

Internal noise in auditory modulation detectionStephan EwertConfirmed
24.11.2020Marc-Rene Schädler (UOL)Development and applications of a virtual listener in (virtual) complex acoustic scenesMarc-Rene SchädlerConfirmed
8.12.2020Stefan Stenfelt (Linköping University, Sweden)Modelling of bone conduction hearingBirger KollemeierConfirmed
15.12.2020Christian Keine (UOL)Presynaptic Cytoskeleton Dynamics Impact Signal Transmission at an Central Auditory SynapseBirger Kollemeier 
22.12.2020 t.b.a.Project A5 
12.1.2020Leslie Bernstein (University of Connecticut)Binaural processing deficits among listeners with no more than "slight" hearing loss: Empirical data and modelingDietz & van de ParConfirmed
19.1.2021Jon Barker (University of Sheffield)Clarity Challenge - Machine learning Challenges for Hearing DevicesHohmannConfirmed
26.1.2021Reza Varzandeh(UOL)Speech-Aware DOA Estimation Using CNNsHohmannConfirmed
 Steven van de Par (UOL)Glimpse Formation Based on Local Feature Contrasts and Spectro-temporal ContextHohmannConfirmed
2.2.2021Ning Ma (University of Sheffield)Binaural sound localisation algorithmsSimon DocloConfirmed


Speakers in previous semesters

Wintersemester 2019-2020


23.10.2019 (14:30 in Nessy)

Uwe Letens  (Daimler AG)Practical  experience with psychoacoustics in automotive engineeringArne OetjenConfirmed


Neil Mansfield (Nottingham Trent University)Dynamics of vehicles for the vulnerableSteven van de ParConfirmed


(In Nessy)

Marcos Cantu (UOL)Sound source segregation of multiple concurrent talkes via Short-Time Target Cancellation (STTC)Volker HohmannConfirmed


(12:00 in Nessy)

Dorte Hammershoj (University of Aalborg)The significance of individual vs. non-individual binaural recording and reproduction in the age of smartphones and wearablesBirger KollmeierConfirmed
10.12.2019Norman Sieroka (Uni Bremen)Philosophie der Zeit Stefan UppenkampConfirmed
17.12.2019Werner Hemmert (TU München)Electric stimulation of auditory nerve fibers: Modelling and MeasurementsMathias DietzConfirmed
14.1.2020 (17:30 in Nessy)Björn Schuller (Imperial College London)Companion Health IntelligenceBirger KollmeierConfirmed
21.01.2020Tahereh Afghah (UC San Diego & Max Planck Inst. for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt) The evaluation of rhythm and pitch perception correlation with the sound source location in horizontal plane in a cocktail party scenarioVolker HohmannConfirmed
28.01.2020Volker Hohmann (UOL)Open Solutions for the (pre-)development and evaluation of hearing devicesSteven van de ParConfirmed


Sommersemester 2019



Lukas Drude  (Uni Paderborn)DNN-based source separationSimon DocloConfirmed



Michael Vorländer (RWTH Aachen)t.b.a.Birger KollmeierConfirmed



Stefan Zirn (Hochschule Offenburg)Lokalisationsfähigkeit bimodaler CI-/HG-TrägerVolker HohmannConfirmed


Wintersemester 2018-2019



Andrea Schenk (Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing MEVIS, Bremen)Medical image computing for liver interventionsBirger KollmeierConfirmed



Laura Hartog (Uni Oldenburg)

W30 0-003

Spectral and binaural loudness summation of equally loud narrowband signals in
unilateral and bilateral CI users
Birger KollmeierConfirmed
23.10.2018   Open
30.10.2018Adriana Fernandez Lopez (UPF Barcelona)

Optimizing Phoneme-to-Viseme Mapping for Continuous Lip-Reading in Spanish

Volker HohmannConfirmed
4.12.2018Sebastian Ausili (Donders Institute Nijmegen)Binaural Hearing with Electrical StimulationMathias DietzConfirmed
29.1.2019Martha Shiell (Maastricht University)Investigation of spatial stream segregation with 7T fMRIMathias DietzConfirmed
25.2.2019Elisabetta Chicca (Bielefeld University)Physical models for neuromorphic computingJörg LückeConfirmed


Sommersemester 2018





Arne Leijon (KTH Stockholm)

Estimation of Mutual Information for Intelligibility and Confusion-Matrix AnalysisTim JürgensConfirmed




Deborah Vickers (UCL Ear Institute) W30-1-122Assessing brain plasticity post cochlear implant activation using the Auditory Change ComplexHongmei HuConfirmed




Andrew R. Dykstra (Western University, London, Ontario)Electrophysiological markers of auditory conscious perception under informational maskingVolker HohmannConfirmed




Tobias Overath (Duke University)Acoustic and linguistic processing of speech-specific temporal structureBirger KollmeierConfirmed


Wintersemester 2017/2018

Datum ReferentIn Thema EinladendeR Status
21.11.2017 Marc Rene Schädler (Uni Oldenburg)
Speech processing and perception modelling Marc Rene Schädler confirmed
28.11.2017 Andrew Dykstra (Department of Neurology Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg)
Identifying physiological markers of conscious audition: Progress, problems, and potential applications Volker Hohmann confirmed
5.12.2017 Shuichi Sakamoto (Tohoku University)
Auditory space perception as multimodal information processing - the effect of listener's motion on sound localization Volker Hohmann confirmed
23.1.2018 Johannes Zaar (DTU)
Predicting effects of noise and hearing-instrument processing on consonant perception Bernd Meyer confirmed

Sommersemester 2017

Datum ReferentIn Thema EinladendeR Status

9.5.2017 Reserved
16.5.2017 Christine Evers
(Imperial College)
Simultaneous source localisation and mapping Simon Doclo Confirmed
30.5.2017 Marcel van der Heijden
(Erasmus University Rotterdam
Cochlear micromechanics: new results from Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Steven van de Par Confirmed
6.6.2017 Volker Hohmann
(Universität Oldenburg)
Periodicity processing revisited Steven van de Par Confirmed
13.6.2017 Tim Jürgens
(Universität Oldenburg)
Speech intelligibility in SSD and bimodal cochlear implant users – Measurements and Modelling Steven van de Par Confirmed
4.7.2017 Ernst Dalhoff
(Universität Tübingen)
Gepulste Distorsionsprodukt-otoakustische Emissionen. Generation, Genauigkeit, Einfluss der olivocochleären Efferenzen. Manfred Mauermann Confirmed

7.9.2017 (16:00, Nessy) Hartmut Meister
(Universität Köln)
Assessment of audiovisual speech recognition in cochlear implant recipients- why and how? Thomas Brand Confirmed

Wintersemester 2016/2017

Datum ReferentIn Thema EinladendeR Status
1.11.2016 Owen Brimijoin
The perception of moving signals by moving listeners Volker Hohmann confirmed
8.11.2016 Ulrich Eysholdt
(Uni Oldenburg)
Environmental noise and its effects on humans Steven van de Par confirmed
15.11.2016 Andreas Radeloff
(Evangelisches Krankenhaus Oldenburg)
Schnittstellen zwischen Hörforschung und HNO-Klinik: Wie klinische Anwendung von der Forschung profitiert Birger Kollmeier confirmed
22.11.2016 Kai Siedenburg
(Uni Oldenburg)
Perspectives on short-term memory for musical timbre Simon Doclo confirmed
6.12.2016 Matthias Blau
(Jade Hochschule)
Active sound field control for sound reproduction in open ear canals Steven van de Par confirmed
13.12.2016 Jörn Anemüller
(Uni Oldenburg)
Scalable individual binaural hearing aid Matthias Blau confirmed
22.12.2016 Niko Moritz
PhD Defense
Thursday 10:00 in KAS!!!
Birger Kollmeier Confirmed
17.1.2017 Stephan Ewert
(Uni Oldenburg)
Models for auditory perception, audio quality and speech intelligibility Jörn Anemüller confirmed
24.1.2017 Volker Hohmann
(Uni Oldenburg)
Individualized hearing systems Stephan Ewert confirmed
31.1.2017 Birger Kollmeier
(Uni Oldenburg)
Hearing4all^2 Volker Hohmann confirmed

Sommersemester 2016

Datum ReferentIn Thema EinladendeR Status
05.04.2016 Mathias Dietz
(London, CAN)
Binaural hearing with Cochlear Implants bestätigt
26.04.2016 Leontien Geven
(Groningen, NL)
Tinitus: from cortex to cochlea Ulrich Eysholdt bestätigt
03.05.2016 Viacheslav Vasilkov
(Uni Oldenburg
- Team Verhulst)
Auditory Brainstem modeling:
From the single unit ITD sensitivity
to the population responses
Sarah Verhulst bestätigt
17.05.2016 Anna Warzybok and Melanie Zokoll-van der Laan
(Uni Oldenburg)
Speech Intelligibility tests - multicenter studies, models,
and technical evaluation of dereverberation algorithms
Thomas Brand bestätigt
24.05.2016 Volker Hohmann
(Uni Oldenburg)
Acoustics research at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan bestätigt
07.06.2016 Ryan Chungeun Kim
(TU Eindhoven, NL)
Investigation into head movements in various listening activities and its application to a binaural signal capture system Volker Hohmann bestätigt
14.06.2016 Travis Monk
(Uni Oldenburg
Machine Learning)
Bayes rule and neural membrane potentials Jörg Lücke bestätigt
21.06.2016 Jaques Grange
(Univ. of Cardiff, UK)
Realising head-shadow benefits
to cochlear implant users and
reliable electrical-hearing simulations
Tim Jürgens bestätigt
05.07.2016 Bernard Seeber
(TU München, D)
Surviving in an acoustic world with reflections Birger Kollmeier bestätigt

Wintersemester 2015/2016

Datum ReferentIn Thema EinladendeR Status
27.10.2015 Inga Holube
(Jade Hochschule)
From epidemiology to audiology and other senses Tom Brandt bestätigt
24.11.2015 Tim Jürgens,
Ben Williges

(Uni Oldenburg)
Virtual bimodal CI listener Department bestätigt
Thomas Brand angefragt
12.01.2015 Volker Hohmann
(Uni Oldenburg)
Auditory Scene Analysis of spatial speech-noise conditions Department bestätigt
19.01.2015 Organisational Meeting of PIs Planning the next summer term of the Department Colloquium Steven van de Par
26.01.2015 Stefan Uppenkamp
(Uni Oldenburg)
Two new big machines in NeSSy Department bestätigt

Sommersemester 2015

Datum ReferentIn Thema EinladendeR Status
28.04.2015 Simon King
(Edinburgh, UK)
HMM and DNN based speech synthesis Volker Hohmann bestätigt
12.05.2015 Kang-Hun Ahn
(Chungnam, South Korea)
Information theoretical approach to hearing aids Sarah Verhulst bestätigt
19.05.2015 Jon Barker
(University of Sheffield)
Understanding speech in noise: The CHiME and INSPIRE challenges Bernd Meyer bestätigt
02.06.2015 Huy Phan
(Uni Lübeck)
Acoustic Event Detection with Random Regression Forests Jörn Anemüller bestätigt
09.06.2015 Dirk Lorenz Timo Gerkmann bestätigt
30.06.2015 Zhenwen Dai
(University of Sheffield)
Probabilistic Unsupervised Learning with Latent Variable Models Jörk Lücke bestätigt
07.07.2015 Achim Müller-Deile
(Uni Kiel)
Elektrisch evozierte Summenaktionspotentiale in der CI-Versorgung Tim Jürgens bestätigt
14.07.2015 Rainer Röhrig Volker Hohmann bestätigt

Frühere Semester


 WiSe 2014-2015


  Datum     ReferentIn  ThemaEinladender  Status

Jens Haueisen   (TU Ilmenau)

MEGBirger Kollmeierbestätigt
25.11.2014Axel Plinge

(TU Dortmund)

Multi-Speaker Tracking by using a

Microphone Array and CASA Processing

Simon Doclobestätigt


Do, 14:15


Travis Monk

(Otago, New Zealand)

The Origin of InferenceJörg Lückebestätigt
02.12.2014Sebastian Gergen (RU Bochum)Classification of reverberant audio signals using clustered ad hoc distributed microphones Simon Docloreserviert
27.01.2015Amy Beeston (Sheffield)Compensation for reverberation using auditory modelsTim Jürgensbestätigt




SoSe 2014

  Datum  ReferentIn  Thema Einladender    Status
13.05.2014Heiner von BoetticherBeschreibung, Erfassung und Analyse der Dosisdeposition von Röntgenstrahlung in der Medizin zur Optimierung und zur RisikoabschätzungBjörn PoppeBestätigt
27.05.2014Timo GerkmannOverview Speech Processing groupBestätigt
17.06.2014Noam Shabtai (RWTH Aachen)Applications of Spherical Microphone Arrays: Binaural Beamforming and Acoustic Radiation Patterns Simon DocloBestätigt
01.07.2014Jos EggermontEffects of noise trauma and environmental noise on the auditory cortex: just a matter of time?Georg KlumpBestätigt
08.07.2014Ben WilligesSpatial Release from Masking using bimodal hearing configurationsMaster Thesis
22.07.2014Spatial Release from Masking using bimodal hearing configurations


 WiSe 2013-2014


  Datum     ReferentIn  ThemaEinladender  Status
29.10.2013Peter Derleth (Phonak)Birger KollmeierBestätigt
05.11.2013Steven van de ParOverview Acoustics GroupBestätigt
12.11.2013Künzel  Automatische forensische Sprecher-ErkennungJörg Bitzer Bestätigt
26.11.2013Meng Guo (Oticon)Feedback cancellation in hearing aidsSimon DocloBestätigt
03.12.2013M. Costa (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)Signal processing for hearing aidsVolker HohmannBestätigt
10.12.2013Tim JürgensGroup overviewBestätigt
17.12.2013Sarah VerhulstGroup overviewBestätigt
14.01.2014Volker HohmannGroup overviewBestätigt
21.01.2014Tim JürgensAngefragt
28.01.2014R. Koning (KU Leuven)Speech enhancement for cochlear implantsSimon DocloBestätigt



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