Bellmann, Michael A.

Michael A. Bellmann


Michael A. Bellmann
Dipl.Phys., Dr. rer.nat.


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curriculum vitae
Born on 20th. November 1972 in Brake.
since 04/2002 Institut für technische und angewandte Physik - itap GmbH
06/1999 - 03/2002 Project with Volkswagen AG
01/2001 - Associated in the EU Graduate School "Neuro-Sensorics"
09/1999 - Doctor thesis in the Acoustics workgroup at Oldenburg University
06/1999 Diploma in Physics
Diploma thesis in Acoustics:"Wahrnehmung von tieffrequenten Schall und Vibrationen", in German. ("Perception of low-frequency Sound and Vibration" )
10/1993 - 06/1999 Student in Physics at Oldenburg University
06/1992 - 09/1993 Civil Service at the Lebenshilfe e.V. in Brake (School for mentally disabled persons)
06/1992 Abitur at the Gymnasium in Brake
research area
  • Psychophysics and its application
  • Perception of whole-body vibrations: From basic experiments to comfort inside cars caused by seat and steering-wheel vibrations
  • Natural Reproduction of Sound & Vibration
selected publications
  • Table Tennis and Billard
  • reading
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