Nils Freese


Nils Freese


curriculum vitae
Born July 15th, 1968 in Oldenburg.
10/2005 EU-Project "ICE"
03/2004 EU-Project "FRIENDCOPTER"
12/2001 - 07/2005 EU-Project "HEACE"
04/2001 Assistant scientist at University of Oldenburg, Acoustics group
03/2001 Diploma in physics

Diploma thesis "Entwicklung eines Ultraschallwandlers mit hoher Leistung füür Luftschall"

Student research project in semiconductor-physics: "Modellierung der Generationsratenabhängigkeit von Elektronen- und Löcher- Beweglichkeits- Lebensdauer- Produkten"
Since 04/1990 Studies of physics and computer sciences at University of Oldenburg
research area
  • Psychophysics of sound and vibration
  • Room- and Architectural Acoustics
  • Computational Acoustics, FEM
  • Aeroacoustics and Ultrasonics
selected publications
  • ...
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