Kruse, Roland

Roland Kruse


Roland Kruse
Dr.rer.nat, Dipl.Umweltwiss.


curriculum vitae

Born on Dec, 23th 1975 in Oldenburg

10/96 - 03/02

Student in Marine Environmental Science, Oldenburg University.

Diploma thesis 

Perzeptionsadäquate Parametrisierung von objektiven Sitzdruckverteilungen beim Menschen. (Perception adequate parameterisation of objective human seat pressure distributions.)

03/02 - 11/08 Research assistant, Oldenburg University

FACE (Friendly Aircraft Cabin Environment, EU),
KOLOS (Kostengünstiger Lasersensor für optische Schwingungsmessung, BMWi)


In-situ measurement of ground impedances

12/08 - 07/09

Postdoc, Oldenburg University
FRIENDCOPTER (Integration of Technologies in Support of a Passenger and Environmentally Friendly Helicopter, EU)

08/09 - 10/10

Visiting research fellow, The Open University, Milton Keynes
Influence of environmental conditions on the performance of microphone arrays outdoors (DFG)

11/10 - 03/11 Postdoc, Oldenburg University
Design of a loudspeaker with frequency independent directivity
Sound transmission through partially evacuated panels

research area

  • Numerical acoustics (FEM, BEM / FMM, FDTD, FFP, CNPE / GTPE)
  • Source localization
    • In-situ (ground) impedance measurement
    • Dynamic mechanical analysis
    • Seat comfort and vibration perception

selected publications



  • Matlab-Files

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