Volker Mellert

Volker Mellert Volker Mellert
Dipl.Phys., Dr. rer.nat.
University Professor Applied Physics (retired)
Room: W2-1-165
fax: +49-441-7983698
curriculum vitae
Born 1943 in Germany.


Diploma thesis on a true two-channel sound-reproduction system, Drittes Physikalisches Institut, University of Göttingen (Erwin Meyer)


Doctoral thesis on wave diffraction at the human head and sound localization, Drittes Physikalisches Institut, University of Göttingen (M. R. Schroeder)

1974 Professor at Oldenburg University (Applied Physics)
1983, 1991, 2000 Dean of the Physics Department of Oldenburg University
1984 - 1986 Vice President of Oldenburg University
1992 - 1995 President of the German Acoustical Society DEGA
1995 - 1998 Vice President of the German Acoustical Society DEGA
1994 - 1995 Editor-in-Chief of ACUSTICA
1996 - 1998 Vice Editor-in-Chief of ACUSTICA united with ACTA ACUSTICA
since 1998 Executive Board Member of the International Commission on Acoustics ICA
since 2001 President of the European Acoustics Association EAA
1992 - 2001 Speaker of the Graduate School of Psychoacoustics at Oldenburg University (support by the German Science Foundation DFG)
Oct 2000 honored by the German "Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande" for developments in acoustics
Oct 2009 retired
research area
  • physic of the ear, applied psychoacoustics:

    • signal processing of the ear, in particular modelling basic psychoacoustic parameters like loudness, roughness, sharpness and other entities related to noise perception
    • development of ear-related quantities for measurement and evaluation of noise
    • analysis of acoustic evoked potentials (within SFB 517 "Neurocognition")
    • subjective localization of sound

  • psychophysics of vibration:

    • perception thresholds and jnds of human vibration
    • modelling the "effective" perception of vibrational input (human response model)

  • acoustic wave propagation:

    • propagation of sound through a turbulent medium (models and measurements), scattering of sound at structures of turbulence (SODAR), acoustic remote sensing of temperature-, wind-, and turbulence profiles in the atmospheric boudary layer
    • measurement of acoustic impedance, in particular at grazing incidence of sound: Application to room acoustics and detection of drowned chemicals under water (on sediment)

  • technical acoustics:

    • noise reduction
    • measurement and identification of noise sources, incl. flow noise
selected publications
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