Kerstin Meisner

Dr. Kerstin Meisner

Staff until 2012


I have been working in the DFG funded research project „Functional relevance of heteroblasty in Bromeliads “ (Ontogeny, Heteroblasty). My field study sites were located in Panama (Barro Colorado Island and the Fortuna dam region), while lab work was carried out in Oldenburg. The investigations in the field included leaf anatomy, plant- and leaf morphology, as well as physiological and demographic studies. In Oldenburg supplementary research included investigation of nutrient- and water uptake by means of radioactive isotope markers, and ontogenetic long-term studies under controlled conditions.



Curriculum vitae




biology diploma, University Frankfurt/ Main „Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll fluorescence of millet species (Panicum spp.) under drought stress.“ Prof. Dr. W. Brüggemann



Scientific researcher, Senckenberg Institute (Frankfurt/ Main) Project „Genesequencing and phylogenetic analysis of lichenised Ascomycetes (Trapeliopsis spec.)“ Dr. C. Printzen


Scientific researcher, University Bonn, Nees-Institute for biodiversity of plants, DFG-Project „Phylogeny of Amaranthaceae and evolution of pollen characteristics“ PD Dr. T. Borsch


Scientific researcher, University Oldenburg Working groups Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants & Functional Ecology of Plants



PhD-Thesis, DFG-Project “Functional relevance of heteroblasty in Bromeliads”

Contributions to scientific meetings

Borsch, T., Müller, K.F., Ortuno, T., Sanchez del Pino, I., Wondafrash, M., Wilhelm, K., Zumaya, S., Flores Olvera, H., Motley, T.J., Demissew, S. & Beck, S.G. 2006. Diversity and evolution of Amaranthaceae: towards a tree including all genera. 17th International symposium "Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology", Bonn. (poster)

Wilhelm, K., Wondafrash, M., Müller, K. & Borsch, T. 2007. Re-Assembling African Amaranthaceae. 17th International symposium "Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology", 2006, Bonn, and 18th AETFAT Congress 2007, Yaoundé, Cameroon. (poster)

Borsch, T., Metzing, D., Wilhelm, K., Smelcerovic, A., Košuth, J., Spiteller, M. & Čellárová, E. 2008. Using the tree of Hypericum to understand hypericin and hyperforin evolution. 18th Syposium Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology 2008, Göttingen. (poster)

Wilhelm, K. & Zotz, G. 2011. Heteroblasty in Bromeliaceae. 41st Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2011, Oldenburg. (talk)


Meisner K, Winkler U & Zotz G. 2013. Heteroblasty in bromelidads - Anatomical, morphological and physiological changes in ontogeny are not related to the change from atmospheric to tank forem. Functional Plant Biology 40: 251-262.

Meisner K & Zotz G. 2012. Heteroblasty in bromeliads - Its frequency in a local flora and the timing of the transition from atmospheric to tank form in the field. International Journal of Plant Sciences 173: 780-788.

Meisner K & Zotz G. 2011. Three morphs, one species. Journal of the Bromeliad Society 61: 104-111.

Zotz G, Wilhelm K & Becker A. 2011. Heteroblasty - a review. Botanical Review 77: 109-151.

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