Katrin Wagner

Dr. Katrin Wagner

Staff until 2020


Vascular epiphytes: Long-term community dynamics

Research interests

  • Host tree preferences
  • Vertical distribution of vascular epiphytes: microclimatic gradients, functional traits and the regeneration niche.


2015 and 2016    Plant physiology                                                                                       

Curriculum Vitae

2015-2020 Postdoc at the University of Oldenburg
2014 Research project in French Guyana: “Analysis of the composition and vertical structure of vascular epiphyte communities along an elevational gradient in the Nouragues Nature Reserve” for the French National Forest Service.
2009-2015  Doctoral thesis at the University of Oldenburg - Title: “Vascular epiphyte assemblages: The effect of habitat filtering within forest stands”
2008 Short term research project on pollination limitation of epiphytic orchids: “Pollinator limitation in epiphytic orchids”
2007 Diploma thesis on population structure and herbivory in an epiphyte community: “Vascular Epiphytes: Determinants of community structure”
2001-2007   Studies of Biology at the Universities of Darmstadt and Würzburg


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Kattge J, Bönisch G, Díaz S, ...., Wagner K, … Zotz G & Wirth C. 2020. TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access. Global Change Biology, 26: 119-188.

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Beck J & Wagner K. 2006. Observations on the territoriality of male Arhopala aurea, a lycaenid butterfly of the rainforest understorey. Sepilok Bulletin 5: 17-25.


Contributions to scientific meetings

Wagner K & Zotz G. 2019. Including dynamics in the equation: tree growth rates and host specificity of vascular epiphytes. Poster at the 49th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society (GfÖ). Münster, Germany.

Wagner K & Zotz G. 2017. On the exclusivity of an intimate relationship: vascular epiphytes and their host trees. Talk at Ecology Across Borders (joint annual meeting of BES, GfÖ, necov & eef), Ghent, Belgium.

Wagner K, Petter G, Wanek W, Sánchez E, Zotz G, Cabral JS & Kreft H. 2016. Functional traits in epiphyte ecology. Talk at the 7th International Canopy Conference. London, UK.

Wagner K, Mendieta-Leiva G & Zotz G. 2015. Is the generally found host specificity in vascular epiphytes a sampling artifact? Talk at the 45th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society (GfÖ). Göttingen, Germany.

Wagner K, Mendieta-Leiva G & Zotz G. 2012. Host preferences in vascular epiphytes: how stable are patterns in time? Talk at the 6th International Canopy Conference, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Wagner K, Mendieta-Leiva G & Zotz G. 2011. The value of size distributions for predicting community change in vascular epiphytes. Poster at the Annual Conference of the Society for Tropical Ecology (gtö), Frankfurt, Germany.

Wagner K, Bogusch W, Mendieta-Leiva G & Zotz G. 2011. Vertical segregation of vascular epiphytes and the regeneration niche. Poster at the 41st Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society (GfÖ), Oldenburg, Germany.

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