Book trolleys: Terms of Use

Terms of use for book trolleys

  • Use of the book trolley is restricted to three months.
  • The key may not be passed on to third parties or duplicated. The key must be returned immediately after the period of use has expired. Loss of the key must be reported immediately. All costs incurred by the loss of a key will be borne by the user.
  • Only resources borrowed in accordance with library regulations may be stored in the book trolley.
  • The Library reserves the right to open and inspect the book trolley.
  • The book trolley must be cleaned once the period of use expires. An inspection will be carried out. Confirmation of the final handover will be signed by the user and the Library.
  • The Library is not liable for theft of or damage to the property of the book trolley user.
  • Violation of these terms forfeits the right to continued use of the book trolley. The user is liable for any damages the Library incurs through violation of these terms.
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