Julien Minnemann, M.A.


Building A5 Room 1-105

Phone: +49 (0)441 798-2587

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Consultation hours: by agreement

Julien Minnemann, M.A.

Julien Minnemann, M.A.

Research focus

Energy economy with energy transition and digitalization

Business model innovations for energy utilities, especially municipal utilities

Sustainability Transitions

Diffusion of Innovations


Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Sustainability Economics and Management (Master of Arts)

Economics with main focus on political economics


Kleinau, Maren; Minnemann, Julien; Busse, Christian (2019): Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations for the Energy Transition. In Bernd Engel (Ed.): Development of a Process for Integrated Development and Evaluation of Energy Scenarios for Lower Saxony (Band 61). Final report of the research project NEDS - Nachhaltige Energieversorgung Niedersachsen. 1. Auflage. Göttingen: Cuvillier Verlag (Schriftenreihe des Energie-Forschungszentrums Niedersachsen (EFZN), 61), pp. 46–77.

Minnemann, Julien; Busse, Christian (2019): Business Model Innovation in the Wake of the Energy Transition: Evidence from Nine Municipal Utilities in Lower Saxony. Presentation at Gemeinsame Herbsttagung 2019 der Wissenschaftlichen Kommissionen Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement und Produktionswirtschaft des VHB, Aachen.

Glötzel, Markus; Minnemann, Julien; Paech, Niko (2017): Research on Sustainable Energy Systems. From Feasibility Studies towards an Integrated, Transition-Oriented and Culturally Conscious Approach. Poster presented at the International Transdisciplinarity Conference, Lüneburg.  

Blank; Blaufuß; Glötzel; Minnemann; Nieße; Pothen; Reinhold; Schwarz; Stahlecker; Wille; Witt; Rendel; Eggert; Engel; Geldermann; Hofmann; Hübler; Lehnhoff; Paech; Sonnenschein  (2016): Whitepaper: Process for Simulation-based Sustainability Evaluation of Future Energy Scenarios. 

Minnemann, Julien (2015): Auctioning of emerging natural monopolies for offshore grid connections. In: K. Eisenack (Ed.), Contributions to the institutional economics of the energy transition. Oldenburg discussion papers in economics (V-385-15), S. 62–79.

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