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The Institute of Chemistry runs a modern X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS Spectrometer) for surface analysis which is based at the division of Physical Chemistry.

For XPS measurements, the sample is illuminated with X-rays. The electrons which are subsequently emitted from the surface are analyzed according to their kinetic energy and provide detailed qualitative and quantitative information about the elements present at the surface and for high resolution spectra also about the chemical state of these elements.

The setup is suitable for fast measurements with excellent S/N ratio as well as for high resolution measurements with FWHM down to 0.6 eV (eg. Ag 3d). The high S/N ratio is essential for the measurement of delicate samples in order to keep the X-ray dose low. In addition to XPS, several other experimental options are possible, eg. UPS and REELS.


Setup specifications:

System: ESCALAB 250 Xi (Thermo Fisher)

X-ray source: Al (monochr.) or Mg/Al

Analysator/detector: hemispherical/channeltron

Min. FWHM: 0.58 eV (Ag 3d)

Min. spot size: 20 µm

Sample temperature: controlled 100-1000 K



Gas analysis with quadrupole MS

UPS-source for HeI and HeII

Ar sputter gun for Ar+ and Ar clusters

XPS-imaging (resolution 2 µm)

Electron source for REELS

Automatic charge compensation

Glovebox attached to vakuum system


The XPS spectrometer can be used on request by all groups of the university and also by external users, according to the terms of use. If you are interested, please contact:


Dr. Carsten Dosche

Tel.: 04417983975

Email: carsten.dosche{at}

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