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Begin: 01.11.2022
This project is supported by European Union European Regional Development Fund under grant number D4A.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Winter
Dr. Christian Schönberg

Understanding, processing and utilising relevant data from a wide range of sources has become a central component of digital transformation in both the public and private sector. In this context, gaining insight and developing methodologies towards establishing data-driven services contributes to so-called “data sovereignty”. However, such potentials are far less exploited for municipal and regional authorities than for national and federal administrations or private businesses and industry.

Among many of its kind, an analytical report published by in 2020 emphasises technical barriers, limited awareness and lack of legal and organisational support as the main obstacles to data-driven solutions in municipalities, coupled with technical complexities as well as insuf cient standardisation and interoperability mechanisms. Despite various fruitful initiatives already implemented, municipalities require continuous, practical hands-on support, an environment of knowledge exchange as well as inspirational use cases to help advance their digital transformation.

Data for All (D4A) empowers municipalities and regions of varying sizes, both in rural and urban settings, to effectively manage data and translate their learnings into digital services. D4A will create local data ecosystems, thereby equally considering technical, organisational and regulatory or ethical aspects of affordable, scalable and sustainable digital public services. Nineteen partners from seven nations will jointly develop and test seven pioneering data-related concepts in the elds of mobility, energy, sustainability, tourism, transparency and economic development. The knowledge acquired will form the “D4A roadmap”, a digital transfer tool providing a step-by-step guide for municipal and regional authorities in the NSR and all over Europe. D4A will create a community around data utilisation, enabling municipalities and regions to become active contributors in the age of data.

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Video Interview with Andreas Winter (Youtube)


We are currently running a seminar 'Smart Data and Internet of Things' (Stud.IP).

Another seminar 'Smart Data and Internet of Things', where existing frameworks for data interoperability in the context of smart regions were researched, analysed, and evaluated has just been completed.

The results of a former seminar on 'Smart Data Interoperability' have been published in the 'Oldenburg Lecture Notes on Software Engineering' series (PDF, listing).


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