Software Engineering Events

  • 27.07.2021 16:00 SE Colloquium
    Muzaffar Artikov:
    Multi-viewpoint IoT development

    Internet of things(IoT) is a nascent technology that consider connecting everything to the Internet and intends to improve people’s lives by providing intelligent services. IoT is considered as a basis for “Smart X” applications such as Smart Cities, Smart Factories (Industry 4.0), Smart Agriculture, Smart Environmental Systems, Smart Homes and so on.

    IoT is a multi-aspect domain that encompass heterogeneous technology stack applying hardware, software and network. Moreover, IoT development activities require the participation of various stakeholders that provide expertise in different domains and they have different concerns regarding the system. These concerns may cover different aspects of the IoT system, such as system requirements, interoperability between hardware and software, network aspects, etc.

    To effectively conduct development activities, stakeholders need a common infrastructure, where they can address their concerns regarding the system from their own viewpoint. Concerns may cover various aspects like requirements, “thing” components, services, etc. As stakeholders work on different aspects of the IoT system, there is a need to ensure the consistency of the elements within the system.

    Therefore, there is a need to develop a set of languages, which models IoT systems from different perspectives and keep those models consistent.

    Model-driven engineering possess required capabilities to describe heterogeneous IoT components, separate stakeholders concerns and one of the best candidates to handle the IoT development challenges. The presentation intends to describe an integrated multi-viewpoint approach to develop IoT systems.

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