University of Oldenburg Faculty II - Department of Computer Science Department Safety-Security-Interaction 26111 Oldenburg


Ingrid Ahlhorn

A03 2-208

+49 (0) 441 - 798 2426


Welcome to the Safety-Security-Interaction Group!

The Safety-Security-Interaction group is concerned with the development of theoretically sound technologies for maintaining the security of IT systems in the context of safety-critical systems and the Internet of Things. The focus is on the development of security solutions that are tailored to the context-specific conditions and that take into account various types of user-interaction as well as the functional safety of the to-be-protected systems.

The Safety-Security-Interaction Group is a newly established research group at the University of Oldenburg. Therefore, much is still under construction. In particular, we are looking for motivated university graduates who would like to support our group and who are interested in doing a PhD with us (» job vacancies).


(Changed: 2022-05-10)